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Sun 27 Aug 2023 09:57:40 PM CDT

Manifesto destiny

Yeah, they are.  One of the hilarious things about a Trump second term would be the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth as he wreaks vengeance.  Not really vengeance of course, just long-delayed justice.  Some worry it would lead to civil war, but that's coming anyway if something, some things, don't change in a big way.  The commies are so gutless they can't accomplish anything that can't be subcontracted, whether by dispensing cash, cigarettes and liquor, and of course street drugs to keep the Burn-Loot-Murder crowds going.  And no doubt they'll try it.  Lawfare will be out no matter how many judges Ovomit and Joetato have installed - it will take time but SCOTUS will take care of that.  And Trump would obviously purge the U.S. Attorneys 100%, and with the Justice Department under his control the purges can begin.  And another hilarious thing would be seeing the Canadians wringing their hands. 

Do I think he'll be elected?  What am I, crazy?  Nah, probably too much damage done already, and they'd do anything, literally as in the literal definition of the word literal, anything to prevent it. 

The mini-mass-shooting (more than one is mass) the other day looks more like an engineered job than most.  White perps are rare anyway - excluding the ones staged by the cabal - and whites killing blacks is quite rare.  I believe we had one last year or year before, but since 80-something percent of homicides are black-on-black, and a lot of Asian, Jewish, and of course caucasian victims are in the remainder these opportunities don't come along often.  This one was somewhere north of transparent, but no matter. The sheeple can't the the Nashville Tranifesto released, but this dude had three "manifestos" and their existence was announced within hours.  I kinda thought having swastikas on the guns was a little much, but the folks that set these things up are probably the same ones that have their fake white supremacists in khakis and polo shirts, all wearing wristwatches.  Who wears wristwatches these days, unless you wanna show off?  Actually I do when I'm traipsing around the place or mowing the back forty and keeping an eye on fuel burn.  And if the tiki torch thing.... anyhow. 

They'll tell you about the perp's Fakebook or whatever activity, but they won't do a forensic deep dive on the computers and phones.  They won't look in the browser caches and see the other places he was talking - thousands of small bulletin boards, many with just a few hundred or even a few dozen users - where certain people troll for prospects.  Whether they're wannabe pedos that haven't done anything yet and are mostly just fantasizing or nutjobs (or psycho-med dazed) who can be talked into doing something.  Mainly because that's where they go to look for subjects to groom. 

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Canadian foreign affairs minister says Canada is preparing a 'game plan' in case of a far-right shift in US
The politician noted she is wondering 'how we as a democracy are able to thwart the growth of the far right in our country'
39 seconds ago
Canada is preparing for a possible setback for commies in the U.S. One of the many good things that will happen if Trump gets elected a third time and serves his second term is that Canada will get short shrift from us. That's OK, they'll be oppressing their citizens in Plandemic II. BTW, as WW3 gets going the UK will be looking to Canada and Australia for cannon fodder. More so than in past wars as the UK is worse off than the US in being overrun with third-worlders, as all of Europe is, having smaller populations to dilute the contamination.
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5 minutes ago
It is clear that we must do whatever we can to disrupt the leftist agenda anyway we can whenever the opportunity presents. Because they are obviously attempting to do the same to us.

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