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Wed 30 Aug 2023 08:08:49 PM CDT

Plandemic II

It's a little early and again it seems they're making it up as they go.  I suppose the decision to use the same one as before wasn't thought out well.  Not that they have the brainpower to think about a game more complex than tic-tac-toe.  It has been observed that "if played optimally by both players, the game always ends in a draw".  Optimal play in the present case would require that both players have both the ability and the will to use all available tools.  The enemy is using all the tools at its disposal, but the defenders are reluctant to use maximum force even though it will allow them to prevail, because they are normal human beings who abhor violence.  They just want to be left alone, and when pushed too far all bets are off. 

One of the guys last night said the only difference between where we are and Stalin's Russia is that Stalin's people weren't on average a dozen points below average IQ.  I can't think right off of one in the current regime that's much above room temperature, and I keep it cool in here.

Alan Sabrosky is a pretty bright guy and and calls it pretty close, assuming something miraculous doesn't happen.  Some of us, me included, have said lately that the only way for Trump to win is for a third or possibly fourth party to run, and he has to survive that long.  In the very unlikely event he is able to conduct a campaign, i.e. not locked up and even that might not stop him he may not live long enough to be inaugurated. 

And that would cause massive.... well, disruption.  The ignorance of events elsewhere in the world by the sheeple and the failure of the cabal to recognize their significance will not blunt their effect.  In fact it may magnify it. 

Sabrosky's comments about the old people getting involved in a major way be prophetic.  A lot of old guys, recently retired and three years ago seeing the possibility of living their remaining years in some peace and security might become rather angry about having even that taken away.  I believe it was in Enak Nomolos' "Balance of Power" that he described some partisan groups comprising only old and in some cases terminally ill men who, with nothing left to lose, become suicide commandos. 

As for Plandemic II the activity is sporadic so far and in the usual expected places.  The feds haven't gone beyond warnings yet, and if the free states don't go along (Florida for sure, and Texas probably won't make that mistake again) the blue states can oppress their subjects to their hearts content and will lose more population but that's about it.  Air travel will again be a nightmare and the economy will deteriorate and another trillion or two dollars will be tossed into the Monopoly bank, but that won't bother most people.  I was in a doctor's office today and saw the lone receptionist wearing a mask, so certainly the Medical Industry will do the usual. 

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