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Thu 07 Sep 2023 09:54:33 PM CDT

Pretty disgusting stuff

We knew this back in 2008, when the Manchurian Candidate with the carefully crafted assumed name (Jewish-Muslim-African) was installed through some political machinations taken for granted these days but still alarming back then - at least in how easily they got away with it - and the abysmal incompetence of probably the worst Republican opposition since Bob Dole. Dole was too nice to ever run for president, and so nice that when Slick Willie awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom after beginning his second term (probably an advised suggested it) he accepted it and even went to the ceremony. I wish for once in his life he had had the decency to ignore it altogether. But Bob was a nice guy to the end, and let Bubba have his fun. McCain was weak, incompetent, and corrupt - something that Dole wasn't.

They got rid of most of the witnesses the same way people the Clintons found inconvenient, which is why most believe they'll do away with Trump - or at least try - if they can't keep him out any other way. And the fact that they may have to deal with RFJjr the same way doesn't bother them at all. With their track record so far why would it? I finally steeled myself to read an account of his bathhouse days again, not quite as bad as the Mineshaft but pretty sick. Read an old article in the Chicago Tribune, lamenting the demise of the facility.

Ovomit has come and gone, and what happens after next year is anyone's guess. Mike Huckabee, who's a pretty smart guy even if he doesn't act like it at times, says this and he's probably right. Of course the enemy deliberately didn't understand it, but most of us don't see any way back if another dim is installed next year. The future looks pretty bleak no matter what, whether we can sit it out here in the free states - and the discomfort level - remains to be seen.

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Riley Gaines says sorority sisters are 'in harm's way' after trans lawsuit dismissal: You'd be 'disturbed'
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Federal judge tosses University of Wyoming's Kappa Kappa Gamma case
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H hypcryme 1 minute ago Why doesn't the one demented depraved male in a room full of athletic young women suffer an accident? They could drag it outside afterwards and call for medical attention. It probably wouldn't come back. If only this had been done a few times in the beginning, we wouldn't be here now. It's that simple, as long as no one saw anything. Reply ob C;13 Share
Bidenfraudinchief 2 minutes ago Trannys are sick and should be locked away from society. Reply it, 1 go Share
idku2582 2 minutes ago Because one "THINKS" they are' DOES NOT MAKE IT SO!
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