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Mon 25 Sep 2023 08:26:54 PM CDT

Him again

Him being the senior senator from New Jersey, one of the more grotesque specimens in Congress.  It oooks like the face of a rather small person put on an abnormally large head.  Not as grotesque as the Waddler, but that's hard to match.  Don't know if he sharts on live TV. 

A few years ago he was indicted for the usual corruption, this being part of usual.  How he got indicted or even investigated during the Ovomit regime is a mystery.  In any case the trial ended with a hung jury and the DOJ naturally dropped the charges.  His partner-in-crime was convicted and went to prison.  The minors being sexually exploited was a minor item in the whole deal.  Why President Trump commuted the sentence I don't know.  Maybe some sense of fairness - Menendez skating while doc had to pay up. 

This time around it seems to be just another distraction (attempt) by the regime as revelations continue to roll out like the smelly ooze from a dumpster that's missed pickup for a couple of weeks.  Sure, if he doesn't get reelected Jersey will elect a dim to replace him.  They elected Spartacus.  And the likelihood of him being convicted is remote, especially since the DOJ won't try too hard for a conviction. 

The whole thing is so amateurish it would be comical if it weren't so serious.  We're betting on when the first Abrams will get hosed by the Russians and how long it will take for the sheeple to find out.  Certainly the alphabet outlets won't cover it. 

Meanwhile the statistical probability of Joetato croaking on live TV increase.  Some of them no doubt realize it but seem paralyzed.  Interesting times. 

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AOC calls on Sen. Bob Menendez to resign as some Dems stay quiet
Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., says the charges are 'serious and shocking, but didn't call for Menendez to resign
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O'Crazio is saying what she's told to say. Doesn't want her ticked pulled. Mindy is toast in any case, he's a loose cannon like Coomo in NY. They're confident in the next senator being a dim, and a better too. After all, Sparatus got elected, so it's all dims for Jersey. She'll call for Joetato to withdraw when it's time, they're gonna wait as long as possible to see if the Grim Reaper comes for him first and saves him the trouble. If he assumes room temperature due to natural causes (if an old body worn out by licentious living is natural) they'll get some mileage out of the funeral. Reply ♡ S Share
6 minutes ago
Sandy Cortez? Isn't that the same horse-toothed Marxist bartender who was using her campaign contributions as her own personal piggy-bank? And the weasel has the gall to call for somebody else's resignation. The little rat would have some credibility if she resigned first.
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6 minutes ago
This is typical of Democrats. They think indictments are actually convictions. They haven't read the US Constitution and The Amendments thereto, nor do they understand the Bill of Rights.
Chris Plante of WMAL Radio, Wash DC often says "Liberals use words but they too often don't know what they mean."
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