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Wed 27 Sep 2023 08:28:30 PM CDT

VP tryouts

As everyone and his dog have been observing for a while.  There are maybe two that I'd trust further than I can throw one of those Abrams tanks we're shipping to Ukraine.  Of the contestants DeSantis and the North Dakota governor look like serious men who want nothing out of it except an opportunity to prevent the imminent fall of the Republic, and honestly believe they may be able to lead a recovery.  DeSantis has proven himself capable and my only reservation is that he may have to give something away as Reagan did.  Reagan reluctantly allowed Bush to be pushed on him, hoping that he could at least stop the bleeding and perhaps do some repair.  Of course we know how that turned out. 

Burgum likewise seems a good man and capable, to the degree that being the governor of North Dakota allows much opportunity to prove it.  South Dakota also has a wonderful governor who would make a great president, but South Dakota is even less likely to produce a president.  Perhaps if she could get elected as a VP to a good Reagan type, but a lot of things would have to go right. 

Tim Scott seems honest and decent, but doesn't seem to have the toughness of DeSantis.  And of course a black Republican candidate would unleash as much insane rage on the left as Trump.  Almost. 

With his record Ramaswamy looks like a pure opportunist, pursuing a strategy that looks good on paper but is also as thin.  Haley is a pure neocon tool who probably doesn't even want to be president, and if elected would be like the dog that caught the car. 

Had Trump served two terms and left Pence in a good position to be elected he would have been a Jimmy Carter redux.  The Republic would have been saved for the moment but would immediately start downhill. 

Christie is a joke and a bad one.  He seems to be like a guy going through life with a turkey strapped to his head - whether he knows it's there and is so cravenly shameless he doesn't care or actually is that clueless... hardly matters.  He'll probably stick around through the Jersey primary if the money is there, but in the end who cares?  He probably won't even land a part on one of the alphabet networks, and if he writes a book most of the copies will end up in Dollar Tree. 

The other guy who would like to be president with the pure motivation of DeSantis and Burgum isn't in any debates.  Because there won't be any unless Joetato becomes inoperative and then it'll be Newscum and probably some others.  And if he does a third-party run there is literally (literally as in the literal meaning of literally) nothing the cabal won't do to stop it. 

Interference may appear in the form of a Green Party or some other.  Probably of no consequence but you never know when it's that tight. 

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