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Fri 29 Sep 2023 07:26:21 PM CDT

Exit Frankenfeinstein

Sometime last night, Wickedpedia says 28 September so probably before midnight, one more corrupt minion of Satan went to pay up.  We were hanging at Coppertree and it popped up on someone's computer.  We all laughed and carried on - not like it was unexpected.  So Twilightaxe asked "Does she start burning in Hell immediately or does her eternal burning only begin after the eventual Judgment?"

I seem to remember him saying that when Ginsburg assumed room temperature, but it's a technical question so all that matters for the here and now is that they're gone from here and can do no more damage. 

Certainly you can't be much more evil than Frankenfeinstein .  They're all so far gone by the time they acquire some power there's only one way to go.  She began her assault on the Republic in a serious way in the usual opportunistic manner.  She exploited the killing of Harvey Milk to become mayor of San Francisco and tried for governor but California was still electing Republican governors then but she did manage to get elected to the Senate, pretty much a lifetime gig. 

Harvey Milk was rather insignificant except in being a catalyst for her ascent.  A member of the board of supervisors, he was killed by a former supervisor who went nuts, or already was.  It had nothing to do with Milk being a homosexual, or even being a groomer as they call them now, raping a teenage boy or three.  If he'd been sent to prison he might have lived longer.  Or not, anyway he's on a postage stamp and has a US Navy ship named after him.  He was also tight with Jim Jones, so there's that.

And it was, as she died there although it's unlikely she knew where she was the last few months.  Kind of like Joetato.  At any rate one more piece of trash has been swept away, but the damage is done. 

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