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Mon 02 Oct 2023 08:42:43 PM CDT

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of what the wags commentating on the news call feel-good stories.

This one probably merely reflects the effects of the bubble these people live in.  And die in, but not often enough, yet.  They probably will, especially if a sudden accelerated deterioration occurs.  It's difficult to tell if it is just stupidity, or if they're like the trolls who copy and paste inane drivel.  These people just happen to have a job working for some media outlet that pays them to do it.  With enough money one can be insulated, safely in the gated communities or as-yet unassaulted suburbs.  I don't know which this character was.  I'd venture to guess Scott Adams is in a safe place, he knows what's coming.  He's also about a couple dozen times as intelligent as the aforementioned deceased. 

Again in Filthydelphia, I wonder why this dude ever went there to begin with, especially to open a business.  When businesses are closing their operations in these cesspools at a truly amazing pace.  This is how the denizens of these jungles act when they have no worries to speak of - EBT cards, HUD, Medicaid and the other parasite food - and not being held accountable for their crimes - what will they do when supplies are constricted of even interrupted? 

Sweden and the other European/Scandinavian countries don't have the population to absorb the massive invasion of third-worlders.  It's bad enough here, with the three million square miles of mostly open space and the debris mostly in the cities.  Rape, robbery and murder are a lot closer to the average citizen, and you have to wonder when it will boil over.  How this will turn out is hard to say - it's unlikely the authorities can bring themselves to simply say "good job" and let the likely accused walk.  There is a lot of anger over there, but few signs of even political consequences for those responsible.  And a political solution seems about as unlikely here as here.

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ELON MUSK Published September 30, 2023 5:37pm EDT
Elon Musk shares viral video of him hip-firing a Barrett .50-caliber sniper rifle: 'Liberal trigger post'
The social media post garnered over 66 million views in less than 24 hours
By Sarah Rumpf-Whitten FOXBusiness
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How hilarious that 'triggger' has become a verb for setting off touchy leftards since they hate guns - at least in the hands of citizens - so much. I was amused (during the Vietnam was) that the C-47 gunship was nicknamed "Puff" after the song by the wacko lefties Peter, Paul and Mary. Reply
1 minute ago
Imagine, if you will, a Nation that exercised their right to keep & bear, like they do their free speech right to wear spandex. Some PROVEN facts of what that would look like in terms of violent crime: OPEN CARRY SAVES LIVES!
Before infringing laws restricted Keep & Bear, Americans carried into court...
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1 minute ago
The trigger for the liberal democrats is seeing a LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, exercising his 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHT.
1 minute ago

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