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I have a feeling this wasn't in the calculations of at least a few people.  Whether it's a big monkey wrench in the works, and of whose works is hard to guess. 

It's hard to believe the Israelis were so unprepared but they have certainly been experiencing deterioration in readiness.  The magnitude is the scary thing, particularly in the numbers of hostages.  I'd expect quite a few to not survive, given the nature of their captor.  And it complicates the problem, since a suitable retribution may be hard to inflict while they are being held.  Certainly any sort of rescue is not possible. 

Someone suggested the Israelis give as many Philistinian prisoners as necessary to clear the field for action, only inject them with ricin just before the swap.  Take them two or three days to die. 

Of course you can only do it once.  Maybe something that takes longer, a few weeks or months even.  Maybe a time-release gadget would work.  At any rate it's likely to get ugly. 

Philistinian is a word we use to describe the maddog population of Gaza.  The human debris inhabiting the area had nothing to do with the original inhabitants - we're talking several thousand years - who were of Aegean origin.  They died out after the return of the Israelites to their ancestral lands and engaged in warfare with them until David or maybe Solomon finished them off.  Probably there is residual DNA in some people in the area but the trash calling themselves Palestinians are nothing of the kind. 

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'Time is of the essence' to retrieve hostages: Counterterrorism expert issues urgent warning over
Israel war
Israel is a 'finely tuned machine' in hostage retrieval operations, Cohen said
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Read about the Entebbe rescue if you're not familiar with it. Bibi's older brother was killed in the operation. Or how Israel dealt with the murders of it's Olympic athletes in '72. Expect the perps to pay up big time.
4 minutes ago
I'm not confident that the majority of the kidnapped victims will be rescued. But I am confident that the Mossad will not take hostages once they begin to execute their assignation plan on terrorist leaders not just in Gaza but look for mysterious Palestinian deaths all over Europe & the Middle East.
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5 minutes ago
The Biden administration will give the Israeli-American hostages all the support they gave the Afghan- American refugees - None.
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5 minutes ago
Do you think US intelligence slept on this attack intentionally?
Did they know and not share info?
The Left hates Israel, after all.
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