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Thu 12 Oct 2023 07:30:11 PM CDT

Blue cesspools again

I would say this is sicker and and more evil than usual but after the carnage in Israel it seems barely newsworthy.  And given the number of infiltrators in the country, tomorrow could be ugly. 

Austin is one of the blue cesspools in Texas, not as big as Houston and with a smaller toxic demographic.  Still they have made the city nearly unlivable outside of the safe spaces for the elite who are causing the problem.  Even with the deteriorating conditions in Austin this crime seems at least unusual.  So it might be one of those weird crazy person things, time will tell but the "news" media won't have much to say if the perp is a favored demographic. 

The hapless victim "has a bachelor's degree in anthropology and a master's in international sustainable tourism from the University of North Texas" so there's a suggestion she may have had that Austin elitist mindset.  The 'ritzy neighborhood in this case wasn't safe for her. 

As for Hyp's observation, it's one we discuss regularly.  Not so much if but when and how bad.  I noticed today that the government will give Social Security recipients a 3.2% COLA next year.  That will be eaten up by Medicare even for those with fairly large payments.  And with actual cost of living up a good 25-30% it will be even uglier for anyone dependent upon in. 

So I asked he same question - what happens (probably inside of five years) that the entire tax revenue is consumed by so-called 'entitlements' (I don't consider food stamps, subsidized housing, medical care for people who don't produce anything - in most cases never have and never will - something anyone should be entitled to) something will have to be cut. Guess who?

Social Security and Medicare recipients, who paid in advance for their benefits, will be severely cut.  There's simply no way around it.  Who is the regime more afraid of - fifty to sixty million old people, many of whom are physically incapable of violence should they be so inclined or an even larger number of young already belligerent types without any restraint in normal times? 

And payments to the parasite class not only will not be cut but likely increased.  Some of those elderly folks with their already meager income cut to probably half will be angry for sure.  Whether anyone will do anything about... beats me.  We live in strange times and predictability in just about anything is scarce. 

In any case such a situation will likely be accompanied by other things breaking down, notably essential infrastructure.  If food for the denizens of the cesspools is being paid for but can't be delivered, it may be like the baboon experiment. 

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 SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS Published October 12, 2023 8:56am EDT
Social Security recipients to receive 3.2% COLA increase in 2024
By Megan Henney FOXBusiness
Social Security recipients to see 3.2% payment bump in 2024
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6 minutes ago
Don't worry it will all end soon. Our government is bankrupt and it is only a matter of time before the Ponzi scheme comes to end.
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31 seconds ago
I wanna see what happens when they have to cut entitlements (consuming the entire tax revenue) and cut Social Security and Medicare (paid for in advance by recipients) and not only do not cut the parasite payments (SNAP/Medicaid/HUD etc) but actually increase them. Reply Share
6 minutes ago
Retirees can rest a little easier at night knowing they will soon receive an increase in their Social Security checks to help them keep up with rising prices"... yes $59 will make the world a better place... that ranks right up there with Biden's lies about how the economy is so much better since he took over.
7 minutes ago
"Social Security recipients can 'rest a little easier' with upcoming pay bump" and government
wants you to rest for good as quickly as possible, so they don't have to pay all the money that you have contributed into the SS system for the passed 30 years of year working life

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