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Tue 17 Oct 2023 07:59:07 PM CDT

Fake outrage

It wouldn't surprise me if the Philistinians did it themselves, although the reported body count is high.  It is also suspect, as is anything reported by the alphabet news.  Israel seems to believe and have some evidence it was a missile malfunction, something quite common in the Philistinian attacks on Israel.  Either way the propaganda machine worked as efficiently as ever to spread the accusations.  Certainly they were at the very least waiting for the opportunity and knew one was coming. 

El Rushbo called it twenty years ago, and the state-run media knew they how transparent it was, but they continue.  When you have only one tool.... 

I'm reminded of the famous photo of the Lorraine Motel in 1968, the guys pointing to where the shot was from fired.  Just like that, an unexpected rifle shot, just one, and they were able to identify the source.  Did I say unexpected?  Well, by the target.  One or more of his associates not so much. 

Immediately afterward riots began in major cities all over the country.  There was no Internet then (it was invented the next year as ARPANET, by some guys - none of whom were named Al Gore) - and didn't become the ubiquitous means of communication until many years later.  But I digress.  The fax machine was being created but would not come into widespread use for another two decades or so.  News was at five or six or so in the evening and that was it.  Some evening newspapers still existed but probably had already gone to press by then and in any case would have had little effect.  I heard about it on the radio, probably the way most people who got the news early did. 

Yet riots started all over the country, just like that.  One could be forgiven for wondering if there were phone calls from Memphis to some other cities.  Like propaganda via the state-run media events like the 'day of Jihad' are easy to organize and launch.  This one fizzled though. 

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NYC officials beef up police presence for Friday 'global
day of Jihad' despite 'no specific, credible threats'
NYPD has increased uniformed deployments to ensure public safety out of an abundance of caution'
43 seconds ago
The attack on Israel was carried out after as much as two years of preparation. 9/11 took several years. Infiltrators have been pouring over the border for longer than that. There could easily be one or more (likely multiple) serious attacks tomorrow. These people have been in the country preparing for years. Reply Share
6 minutes ago
No place for this. Remember 9/11.
7 minutes ago
I am in my late 60s... I have come to the conclusion I have lived through the USA's greatest times all the way to now > the end of times (end of the USA)
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7 minutes ago
And they dont want me to have a semi auto rifle ?

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