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Sat 21 Oct 2023 07:41:53 PM CDT

Wherever you go

it's the same.  Here in Arkansas the people replaced the RINO Asa Hutchinson with an excellent complement to Abbott in Texas and DeSantis in Florida by electing Sarah Huckabee Sanders governor.  A member, briefly, of the first Trump administration she is far more conservative and courageous than her former-governor father.  So the angst in the northwest and center is making itself known.  Unable to stop reforms in elections or in court they are now obsessed with the purchase of a lectern.  I suppose that's a good sign. 

The Alex Jones thing was largely mental masturbation on the part of the lefties.  File a lawsuit in a jurisdiction where you're guaranteed a win and you win, no matter how ludicrous the accusations.  I don't know if any of them actually believed Alex Jones has anywhere near a billion, or even a million.  They got the satisfaction of conducting a kangaroo court and crowing about the verdict. 

Jones is an odd bird, but he gets it right most of the time.  Sometimes it isn't apparent for a while, but he knows what he's about.  As for the incident in question being staged, I suppose that depends on what constitutes staging.  The stalking and grooming of mentally ill people and encouraging them to act on their chemically induced delusions would seem to qualify.  As for crisis actors, if you had a subject under observation anticipating the occurrence of the desired event, wouldn't you have those people standing by to take advantage of it if/when it did happen?  He worded the statements badly, and shouldn't have said anything at all, but once he was a target the outcome was never in doubt. 

I do suspect that he is and has been for some time had a target on his back, with a much deadlier hunter.  At some point the regime will find it advantageous to do away with him, whether nice and 'legal' with a show trial and life sentence for something or other, or a 'killed while resisting arrest' show.  They know they can get away with it, so why not?  Just a question of when. 

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Alex Jones cannot use bankruptcy protection to avoid paying $1B to Sandy Hook families, judge rules
Alex Jones filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last year
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Like the great El Rushbo, most who hate Jones know less than nothing about him. He is abrasive but he's been proven right almost as much as Rush, say 90-something percent. As for the billion dollars, it will eventually be thrown out IF he bothers to take it through the legal food chain, but he's ... See more
1 minute ago
Why would he have to pay because he thinks Sandy hook was a hoax? that is his opinion and he is entitle to it. There are plenty of people that dont believe we landed on the moon, can I sue them for money? Ridiculous!
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4 minutes ago
Can't see how anyone can defend this bum hurting folks that have lost children so he can make a buck! That is just shameful!
1 minute ago
YES! they are fakes
duh, or maybe Soros just targeted Jones and he said something that they didn't like
big coincidence

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