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Fri 27 Oct 2023 12:56:52 PM CDT

Just when you think

one of these things wasn't a psyop, the facts suggest otherwise.  This dude apparently put a 'manifesto' on Discord (that seems to be a popular tool these days) that was so amateurishly done you wonder why they didn't at least us an 'AI' tool to make it look semi-convincing.  This is the alleged manifesto they want to be seen by the sheeple while the genuine ones are, if not too revealing, released or convenient parts quoted.

Initially, with the bare-bones information provided was prepared to belive some guy went nuts and started shooting, as it does happen. Occasionally, alhough true nutjobs like this one are so rare you have to go back a ways at any given time.  They're in Jeffrey Dahmer territory, probability-wise.  As for school shooters I can remember one or maybe two in the past twenty years or so that may have been just deranged individuals with those last couple of lugnuts finally coming off. 

But no, this guy was an army reservist with known mental health issues, and had been treated for such and was not in detention or even surveillance.  I suppose the operators were surveilling their puppet. 

That he apparently planned it suggests psychotropic medications, as in the Clancy case.  But that information, along with the contents of his computers/phones will not be divulged in its entirety even if the 'investigators' bother to look for it. 

The hurricane that flattened Acapulco has gotten as near zero coverage as you can get.  I found it interesting that it (the severity) happened so unexpectedly.  It could have taken precedence had not the Maine shooter being given top billing by design, perhaps as WWIII is about to get underway. 

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Lindsay Clancy, Massachusetts mother who strangled her
3 children, researched 'ways to kill, court docs say
Clancy allegedly used exercise ropes to strangle and kill her children before attempting suicide
10 minutes ago
Instead of cure the root of the problem, docs just pump people full of mind altering drugs. Sad.
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2 minutes ago
Exactly. I had the same drugs she was taking put into me (without my knowledge or consent) and was according to witnesses awake and conversing with visitors and hospital staff in what they thought was normal, while I was having hallucinations of monsters chasing me. She had more than I did and was probably totally dissociated from reality. The doctor is the one who should go to prison. He caused the deaths of three children and the destruction of the lives of her parents. The only thing they did wrong was trust the Medical Industry.
BTW, I was not a mental patient. I was in the hospital being treated for kidney damage from a previous medical error.
The people who make money whey you are 'sick' are not trying to heal you. Reply Share
10 minutes ago
We hear all the time about how more needs to be done to address mental health issues. This is a great example. She was clearly out of her mind due to excessive brain-altering medication. Just sad all around.
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12 minutes ago
"her multiple medications, including Zoloft, Valium, Trazadone, Ativan, Klonopin, Prozac and Seroquel".
There's your cause for motive right there.
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