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Wed 01 Nov 2023 09:53:21 PM CDT


Where did I put my shocked face?  I'm surprised there aren't more fatalities among early-teen thugs, many as they are.  One of our cynics club members commented that at least the statues won't have to be as tall.  I said the poor cop is probably toast, definitely if he's white.  In DC the probability is lower than in most cesspools. 

But the need for 'victims' means black cops aren't immune.  In this case they were apparently guilty as sin, and the locals persecutor charged a couple of white (non-PD) personnel with something or other so there would be some white people involved.  Don't know how far they'll get with that. 

I'd guess this guy, since he didn't do any of the beating, is going to cop a plea because when he testifies against the beaters he'll get at worst a suspended sentence. 

Fri 03 Nov 2023 12:51:37 PM CDT

I notice the persecutor is asking for some serious time, as in 15 years.  Sure.  Probably to make sure he says the right words at the trials.  It is interesting to see these places where there are practically no white police officers left to be put into these situations - not that this one was not egregious - so they only have black perps to persecute.  They had another death, killing of an inmate in county detention.  Again a black sheriff.  The relatives are suing, but that's just the money thing. 

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Model, ex-FBI agent dad who claimed self-defense plead
in her Irish businessman husband's killing
Molly Corbett and her father, an ex-FBI agent, killed Jason Corbett with a baseball bat, investigators say
6 minutes ago
FBI agents get in a habit of killing innocent people with impunity as part of their job. This dude figured he
could just keep on doing it.
8 minutes ago
... 2 People typing
Voluntary manslaughter...ok fair sentence.
Involuntary manslaughter = MAX sentence !
15 minutes ago
Sorry when 2 people beat someone to death with a baseball bat, there is no excuse, you spent the time
to actually beat him to death, one or two hits and he probably would have stopped but you didn't stop
until he was dead.....Enjoy the showers with Tyrone and Bubba old man....
16 minutes ago
5 minutes ago
FBI culture? Yep.
12 minutes ago
Inspired by Obama's deadbeat Kenyan father
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