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Tue 07 Nov 2023 02:00:09 PM CST

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I shouldn't bother to dignify such foolishness by commenting, so I won't.  Just kidding, slow day.  WWIII still just getting started and the population of my homeland is still snoozing.  One of the best things about it eventually blowing up big time is that the consumers for sports and entertainment won't be there.  Once the forty or so percent that are financing it are being squeezed sufficiently that they can't afford to pay for football and concert tickets and the thirty or percent parasite population the ability to turn bimbos into billionaires will be over. 

So maybe there won't be as many clowns like this to run their mouths.  For the record his father is a career criminal who went down swinging.  So when the kid manages to cash in on the National Felons racket he thinks of the old man in prison.  Only natural I suppose, although I wouldn't be trying to help a family or friend escape justice when they earned what they got.  Been there, done that and got the overpriced T-shirt, and and if I had to do it ober wouldn't do anything different. 

This dude signed up for over thirty million, solely on his athletic ability.  Nothing else matters.  And it looks like he's collected a few million, so he can - if he hasn't already done so - buy expensive sports cars and a house or two.  Like Henry Ruggs III , or O. J. Simpson.  Or Michael Vick or Rae Carruth.  Those are some of the more prominent examples in recent memory.  I only mention Simpson because he's one of the prototypical examples of the ludicrous treatment of the priviliged monsters among us. 

As for the Trump trial, it does seem that at some point it's at some point just going to be too much.  He seems to be trying to get them to lock him up, and at least some of them are beginning to see what a disaster that could be.  Things are just weird enough these days that he might actually be elected while in some kind of confinement, whether jail - with all the rigamarole that would involved - or house arrest.  And if the Supreme Court reaches down the food chain and puts an end to the madness it can only help Trump. 

Anyway we got a year to go, with WW3 maybe underway whether they want it or not.  I see Zelenskyy seems to be making himself president-for-life, that's gonna be interesting.  Is the uniparty really going go continue pumping money in there? 

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Trump, Engoron trade jabs during former president's testimony in civil trial stemming from NYAG lawsuit
New York Judge Engoron says he does not 'want to hear everything' Trump 'has to say'
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New York Judge Engoron does not want to hear ANYTHING Trump has to say. Too bad judge, you asked for it, whachagonnado? Lock him up? He wants you to. Think about what will happen then, aside from a higher court - SCOTUS if necessary - reversing you. But this tool is just that, a tool without independent of rational thought.
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Trump 2024!
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Kangaroo Court

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