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Sat 11 Nov 2023 06:19:18 PM CST

Ya think?
I thought, and plenty of others did as well. The fact that so much high-quality video was available from the in-progress operation should tell you something.  I'd be surprised if they hadn't done it.  The state-run media has come a long way since 1968, when they had riots going all over the country within hours of Martin Luther King assuming room temperature.  The interweb hadn't even been invented yet (that would happen the following year) and news was for most people the evening alphabet networks at six or seven or whenever, depending on your timezone and newspapers the next day (too late for whatever evening papers there were then) yet the word got there fast.  You didn't need the famous balcony picture to tell you something was wrong with the story. 

Funny how quickly they started using the term 'embedded' to describe what they were denying.  Where did I hear that before?  The Iraq war?  As a former military type I was mildly amused at the journos playing at being war correspondents.  "We're embedded with the 1st ID" or "embedded with the 2nd Battalion of the 24th Marines" or whatever.  The reporterettes were the funniest, the guys just did their job and probably wanted to get it over with.  Anyhow, the guys running the show for Bush 43 wanted to be sure the show they were putting on got maximum exposure, and what better way than that?  The fact that they hated Bush and Republicans as a matter of principle didn't keep them from exploiting it for career enhancement.  'Embedded reporter, Iraq war' looks pretty good on a resume, even if there were about a thousand others with it. 

They liked dishing out the propaganda from Slick Willie and Ovomit more.  And Trump didn't have any wars except the mess he inherited, and one of the major reasons they wanted him out was because he was gonna put an end to it.  If he had gotten it done earlier it wouldn't have ended so badly. 

Anyhow, the alphabet news folks have been embedding themselves with the bad guys for years.  Funny how they don't have bad things happen to them while hanging with guys that want to rape/torture/kill any American they can get their hands on.  The ones they don't extract large ransoms - both money and release of prisoners - for.

So whatever the reason for the attack on Israel was it was well planned and preparations were made all over the world.  Signs and posters printed, 'protestors' recruited, ready for the inevitable response from Israel.  But it seems to have thrown yet another monkey wrench into the works, as Joetato and Jewish politicians seem to have found themselves trying to sunder the infant.  Probably a lot of the Jewish ones hate Israel as much as the Muslims do but don't dare alienate the Jewish voters.  Mostly because the next election may depend on every vote from every slice if the dim constituency.  And now the Muslims in the U.S. are mad, and while one percent isn't near the four to five percent of Jews, it's concentrated in a few areas. 

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George W. Bush during Warrior Bike Ride in Texas for America's veterans: 'Lucky to have them as citizens' Americans are 'blessed' to live in this country: said former president as he honors veterans this weekend
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hypcryme 1 minute ago Ask Slick Willie. Bush had been in office less than a year, not even enough time for the new administration to find housing and remember their way to work. 9/11 took several years to plan and carry out. Bubba himself said he wished he could have been president when it happened. They didn't move fast enough. Not that Bush, like is father, is a tool of the neocons, hence the thousands of military personnel killed in his 20 year war that followed. Reply Share
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