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Tue 14 Nov 2023 09:37:08 PM CST

Hate crime? What hate crime?
Just another non-hate crime.  There is no accountability for the class of people that causes so much destruction, and of so many innocents.  Calling it what it is does no good because those who know are afraid to say it.  Nothing will be done until it is too late.  Gratuitous accusations of racism when it is pointed out only make the victims angrier.  The danger of a massive backlash is quite real, but it is likely to be embedded in the greater catastrophe that awaits. 

It is impossible to engage them in an intelligent debate, pointing out that these things only go in one direction is of course... racist.  And the repetition of the - to them - clever remark that data is not the plural of anecdote.  When there is only one kind of anecdote, well....

A race riot in which black people were the victims, and damn few of them at that haven't occurred in nearly a century.  Sure, Wickedpedia dutifully lists the handful of 'mass shootings' in which a white shooter shot multiple black people, but even that handful of deranged individuals is mathematically insignificant.  And incidents such as this and this and this and this and this and... those are just some of the more shocking ones.  The beating of a teenager by a black mob of fifteen is unusual only because of the number of assailants.  It's usually less than ten. 

Breeding populations of millions of people who never work a day in their lives and are complete parasites while never being held accountable for their actions no matter how antisocial and destructive and how many innocent victims they claim, over generations, can yield no other result.  As for being finally resolved as part of the overall problem, what happens when the bubble finally gets popped - whether when the debt hits forty, or fifty or when dozens of terrorist attacks occur simultaneously in the middle of a society where the normal people, the ones who are struggling to survive the right way have finally had enough.  If the transportation and energy infrastructure break in a major way millions of people deliberately bred to fix the worst traits will be concentrated in the cities.  The anecdotal victims like those mentioned will at least be separated from the danger. 

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Las Vegas teen beaten to death by mob of attackers outside of high school
Jonathan Lewis was a 17-year-old student at Rancho High School
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7 minutes ago
15 White Students beat A Black Student to Death! Riots in the streets, outrage, marches on the White House etc etc. No wait, it was 15 Black kids beating a White kid.
Never mind.
1 hour ago
It was a hate crime watch it on TMZ.
2 hours ago
P Share
2 hours ago
The boy's Dad and his friends need to stop begging for help from the local police and/or school, and take VENGENCE for themselves. Teach these punks a lesson.

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