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Fri 17 Nov 2023 09:13:56 PM CST


The past two years, especially this one, seem to have an awful lot of weirdness crammed into them.  Mostly signs of something very very bad happening beginning in 2025 should the presidential election going the wrong way.  Some believe that the Republicans may make gains in Congress that will hobble another Democrat president but are dead wrong. 

First, a majority of at least 60-40 in the Senate would be necessary to prevent any more regime tools from being appointed to Cabinet posts and courts.  At a minimum a surplus of 30 representatives would be needed to prevent approval of destructive legislation, and even with sufficient majorities to override vetoes laws passed thus would simple be ignored.  The executive branch controls enforcement and the laws would be toothless, while the attacks on the population through federal law enforcement would continue. 

I'm not much of a believer in omens, but some things are tempting.  Former first lady Rosalynn Carter was inducted into hospice this day or yesterday, or at least it was announced that it was about to happen. She's 97, the former president is 99, and either one being extant a year from now is quite unlikely. 

The presidency of Jimmy Carter was the most disastrous of the modern era until Joetato was installed.  We survived Slick Willie and Ovomit mainly because the conditions weren't quite right for a final assault on the Republic.  Trump was a monkey wrench thrown into the gears or we would have likely been here four years ago.  If a Democrat - Joetato or a replacement - is installed in 2025 the end will be beginning.  They won't even wait for 20 January, with the election over the final assault will begin. 

Is the demise of Carter this year or next some indicator?  And if so what?  I'd like to think it accompanies the demise of the current regime, but it may mean the opposite or noting at all. 

Certainly unless Trump comes back and wins decisively things are going to get bad.  The coalescence of the neocons behind Nikki Strangelove indicates that they intend for her to be the nominee just in case a Republican does win.  How they deal with Trump is going to be interesting.  The regime will not hesitate to use any means necessary if all else fails - they won't rely on being able to manipulate the election, it was too close for comfort last time.  But the Republicans can't do that as it would be an inside job. 

At the current pace, which seems to be accelerating a lot can happen before next November and probably will.  And with the regime and its tools on a bit of disarray the monkey wrench may be a whole set of Stilsons.  The October Surprise may not be what is being planned. 

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Haley rises but Trump remains dominant in early GOP presidential primary state: poll New Hampshire pollster highlights that new survey in first primary state shows 'Haley seems to be consolidating her
position as the alternative to Trump'
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H hypcryme 22 seconds ago Nikki Strangelove is the consensus choice for a Republican candidate, assuming they can get Trump out of the way. In their (the RINO/neocon crowd) minds she is the safest choice, being one of them. It's unlikely a Republican will be elected, but they're playing it safe. They courted DeSantis for a while but he seems to have been unwilling to play. Reply QJ Share
N NewYoker 3 minutes ago Trump CAN win, but it will be a struggle IF he does. ANY OTHER Republican candidate would win in a landslide.
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M Millennia'Independent 2 minutes ago Ya'll gotta retire that word after 2020 and 2022 Reply 051 91 Share
independnt64 1 minute ago No one is going to win in a landslide, either way. There just aren't that many potential swing states Reply 05 9 Share
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