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Wed 22 Nov 2023 08:26:18 PM CST

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As others have observed, these things only go in one direction.  Trying to remember a case in which multiple whites assaulted and/or killed a member of any minority is a bit of work.  As for black subjects go, the Aubrey case of a few years back was the first that came to mind and the accused in that case got the max (excluding the big sleep) and there is more than reasonable doubt as to premedidation.  And the assault is as likely - if not more so - to be against a non-black person (Asian, Jewish, etc.) and the total number is very small compared to vicious black on white attacks. 

Another recent case was also directed at a pre-adult in a school environment.  In order to stop this killing it is less necessary to understand the how and why as it is to admit its existence.  Of course if you admit the existence of the problem you must either implement a constructive solution or continue to ignore it.  Those who thwart justice to pleasure their social justice nerves may one day find that it is suicidal.  The denizens of the cesspools say often that they are comin' for the 'burbs and they likely will eventually, since they have no way to leave the cities and for the most part have no idea of what the world outside is like.  When the free stuff stops they'll go to the suburbs because they're the closest. 

Like the woman who had her face ripped off by a chimpanzee they think their pets are harmless because they haven't killed anyone yet.  If they embrace reality when only they are being raped, robbed, and murdered it will be too late. 

Of course blacks remain a favored sector of the population because of their reliable 90% voting for Democrats, no matter how much worse off they are with each generation.  Why homosexuals are pampered is another matter, although it stems from the same victim theory.  So in a leftist regime they are installed in positions of power.  This not only assuages guilt (to the degree that such guilt exists rather simply being professed) but puts the most twisted specimens in positions of power to wreak as much damage as possible while they have the ability to do so.  After all, even now a successful election is not guaranteed.  If they fail to retain the executive branch is 2024 very little of the damage will be reversed even in two terms of a Reagan type. 

So the 13% is coddled and allowed to use the government to take revenge on the supposed authors of its misfortune to guarantee its votes, while the 1% of truly sick - also angry at being 'oppressed' - attack normal people, who also happen to be mostly white. 

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Georgia middle school staff failed to prevent girl's brutal stabbing in gym class: lawsuit Lawsuit alleges school resource officer notified administrators of knife threat but they did nothing

H hypcryme 3 minutes ago On those rare occasions that I have to drive through these cesspools I only to it at midday. Stay in the inside lanes so I don't accidentally hit an exit, and have someone riding shotgun. Literally, although the .40 S&W insurance policy is in effect. Reply d5 Share

truffles5260085 12 minutes ago My deepest sympathy to Mrs. Wilson's daughter for what she is going through. Prayers that her body and spirit heal and that she goes on to be an amazing person. Reply rr 1 Share

_emily_goring 11 minutes ago are NOT human, and that's a scientific fact Reply d51 9 Share

ainatl 9 minutes ago You need to be banned Reply d5 9 Share

H hypcryme 38 seconds ago It's not nice (racial epithets), but things like this happen constantly and the perps are always the same. I can understand the anger. Ya'know, the way some people sympathize with the 'plight of the Palestinian people' who are not victims of anything except their own corrupt society. Reply to L.P Share

alittlebirdietoldme 6 minutes ago and if he had added sand, at the beginning of his sentence...would you still have a problem with what he said? Reply Share

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