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Tue 28 Nov 2023 10:21:41 AM CST

Being prepared

The attacks on Israel and Jews worldwide continue, perhaps with fewer Rent-a-Riots than earlier but with deranged true believers acting on their own.  Or not, news coverage is being curtailed even by nominally independent agents.  Meanwhile the European invasion is escalating independent of the massacre in Israel and the Israeli response. 

While attacks in the U.S. are mostly ignored, in Ireland the government is planning some quickie laws to suppress outrage on the part of Irish natives being victimized.  I said a couple of years ago that Michael Collins is probably spinning in his grave over the rot.  Ireland could use a Michael Collins about now, whether or not they will change things politically or wait until they're against the wall remains to be seen. Sadly Mr. McGregor has a somewhat checkered past, in terms of giving any opposition plenty of ammunition should he seek the office, but it hardly matters as the opposition would make up something worse if it wasn't already there, and one never knows about the Irish.  We're not that far from 1919 in years, the distance in moral decay is something else entirely. 

If deterioration continues unchecked, there man be no other solution.  In Ireland, the U.S.A, or most other places.  Will Jews in the U.S. prepare to defend themselves?  Various groups will respond as the Koreans did, including millions of preppers.  One would hope they have learned that self-defense will eventually be necessary, and prepare accordingly.  The one difference between this country and the rest of the world is the hundreds of millions of guns and tens of millions of people determined to survive. 

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Jewish-owned shop vandalized in pro-Palestinian attack reopens as police investigate potential hate crime
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'Challenging times,' Jewish-owned store founder says
2 minutes ago
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Before it's too late Jews need to arm themselves and be prepared to fight to survive. Like the Rooftop Koreans shooting from the roofs during the race riots in LA. Attackers would get the message pretty quick.
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9 minutes ago
Potential hate crime!!!?? Really!!!?
11 minutes ago
They can't even spell Palestine? I thought these were college educated and elite know-it-alls.
2 P
18 minutes ago
Well the only people, the jews, that have been kicked out of over 100 countries during their time. And have been genociding the Palestinian since 1948 love playing that victim card
53 seconds ago
Philistinians. Talk about appropriation, the human debris of the Middle East took the name of ethnic Greeks in Gaza 4000 years ago.
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