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Fri 01 Dec 2023 11:09:03 AM CST

Plandemic 2.0?

Wickedpedia already has an article on it, and the photos of masked and hazmat-garbed people allegedly fighting an outbreak in China.  Like the stock photos purportedly showing industrial incinerators being used to dispose of the mountains of coronavirus (the fancy brand name hadn't yet been applied) victims in China, the sheeple are being prepared. 

The wicked pedos just put that article up six days ago, and it hasn't been a news item for much if any longer.  But the article begins the history on May.  Okey-dokey.  It's a common topic at the weekly sessions at Alex's place, along with whether they'll replace Joetato.  Of course if he assumes room temperature too soon for them to try a Weekend at Bernies they'll have to.  It's hard to believe they don't have something in the works, regardless of his extantness or lack thereof, but speaking of room temperature there are few of the regime decision-makers whose IQ is much above that.  Relics like Serpent Head occasionally poke their heads up to tell them they're blowing it but they seem to be drifting aimlessly and I haven't seen any evidence to suggest there is a clever plan waiting for the right time. 

Probably they're depending on the continued intellectual deterioration combined with enough fraud/manipulation in the right places to pull it off.  As for plandemics, I expected them to declare Covid over before the 2022 elections so they could take credit for it, but they didn't.  Of course it's easy enough to make up a new one when the electorate is compromised to that degree. 

California governor Gruesome made the mistake of having a televised debate on one of the biggest TV shows, and Governor DeSantis demolished him.  Or he demolished himself.  That this dude isn't real bright was confirmed when Hannity offered to continue the debate for an extra half hour, and Gruesome happily accepted the offer, only to have his wife call and tell him to stop digging. 

A lot of people are afraid of him as a potential presidential candidate, but I fear him less than I do the inability of the electorate to see through him.  His Joel Osteen grin is just as creepy as the original, and what happened last night was that he came from a controlled situation - Kalifornia - where he gets no contradiction from the state-run media and and was completely unprepared for a fair fight. 

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China Battles a Mystery Pneumonia Outbreak. Thousands Hospitalized

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