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Sun 03 Dec 2023 09:00:30 PM CST

Gulf of Tonkin 2.0?
Probably not, it's a little early.  This is probably working up to it though.  Guess we'll see in a bit.  It does seem though that Plandemic II will be underway sometime next year.  'Gulf of Tonkin' was trending in most of the dissident channels within 24 hours, and is nowhere in the state-run media. 

Neither is 'Nikki Strangelove' which spread pretty fast and far after Ron Paul used it a couple of weeks back.  The irony - for old geezers like us - is that most of the people who vote and should be paying attention have no idea what either is without googling it.  Except for those enlightened ones.  We do have three or four youngsters, if under forty qualifies.  Most of us grep up in the Vietnam era and Alex actually got drafted.  It was late and they weren't sending anyone over, he ended up driving a jeep for some colonel in Germany.  Couldn't wait to get out of there - to be fair he was about as unmilitary as you could be - and get back to the world.  Had a bunch of money he hadn't had time to spend over there and as soon he was back home paid cash for a new Dodge Challenger.  Those were the days.  At least Chrysler didn't fuck up it up when they brought it back, their retro look is about the best, although the Mustang has an edge from 2005-2009, then they started messing with it, fornicated the taillights and the front not quite so bad and then the whole thing in 2015 or so.  Like everything else, but if people weren't degenerate enough to buy this stuff they'd stop making it.  Electric cars about done, all the rich lefties got one, or are on their second or third, but regular people aren't buying it. 

So for those states going ICE-less in a few years will probably have to resort to refusing to license ICE vehicles.  We'll see how that works out.  Spent some time in California back in the day, lot of folks registering cars in Arizona and Nevada if they lived close enough to the state line to make it plausible.  And that was just because of the cost. 

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Chinese health officials call out western media's lack of
'common sense' on country's respiratory illness rise
The country's National Medical Center for Infectious Diseases says the public does not need to be alarmed
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Before long we'll be hearing about industrial incinerators being used to dispose of the massive numbers of bodies, as in 2020. Probably the same stock photos will be used. Get ready for Plandemic 2.0. Reply 凸中 Share
2 minutes ago
many are already here.....again...........more will we go....again......ROUND TWO Reply
3 minutes ago
This is exactly what Xiden is hoping for, with an unwinnable election coming up, the Dims are going to try everything possible to pull out a victory
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