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Thu 07 Dec 2023 08:52:07 PM CST

Eating each other
As Hyp observes, the left in this country is in chaos, and sadly even in that state they may 'win' the next presidential election.  We are in Darkness at Noon territory, the only difference between the Jan 6 gulags and the Jan 6 show trials is that in Rubashov's Russia is that in his case they had already won and the minions that weren't sufficiently pure or became inconvenient (and no longer needed) were being disposed of. 

The ugly reality - that they may well succeed - is certainly not due to their superior intelligence.  The collective intelligence of the left is at best average, and the majority of many individuals is well below.  If they do not prevail in the next elections the current fractures caused by the anti-semitic crazies and their internationally orchestrated campaign will not be the only cause, but perhaps if will be the final hole in the boat that sinks them. 

The loss of all the Jewish vote - very unlikely - is not enough to cost them the presidential election or any Congressional seats.  Well, there are a couple of outliers.  The loss of a large part of the Hispanic vote would certainly have an impact, and is likely, but the black vote seems as solid as ever.  And as LBJ observed...

I have no doubt that he said it, and worse.  I lived through LBJ and the Vietnam War, missing being conscripted by a year or so.  I lost a cousin in that war, he was more like a big brother to me, and will never forgive those who caused it and all the other problems.  One of the baddies did to to his reward a few days ago, as is happening more often as time passes.  Hell, I won't be around much longer. 

At any rate, that particular constituency will likely remain on the plantation.  Unless an awful lot of sheeple decide the grass is tasting so awful - what there is of it - wake up and do something things might get real bad real soon. 

Some fairly astute observers are confident Trump will be in jail before the election, and to quote some of them if that happens "America will burn" .  It certainly is likely, and if not before the election certainly after if a democrat is installed in the presidency.  Whether Joetato or Gruesome or someone else the assault on dissent will intensify and a sleeping giant will have been awakened. 

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UPenn board of trustees holds emergency meeting amid calls for president to resign over antisemitism hearing
Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro earlier called Magill's comments "unacceptable."
Just Now
This is why the communists will self-destruct given time. Their strength is a patchwork of small constituencies that will inevitably conflict with each other. We should hope they destroy themselves before they succeed in eliminating liberty altogether.
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5 minutes ago
HAMAS had peace on October 5th.
HAMAS terrorists started the WAR.
HAMAS and its supporters all deserve death.
5 minutes ago
It's really difficult to answer a "yes" "no" question! Pathetic!!

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