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Mon 11 Dec 2023 09:26:25 PM CST

Don't know what they were thinking
The Muslim attack on Israel seemed weird to me, but don't know exactly what it means to the big picture.  Did something like that have to be approved at the highest levels?  It does seem to have had some unintended consequences, considering it has caused some serious problems for the regime in the U.S., something they don't need anytime but especially with an election coming and the situation in Ukraine likely to end badly for them sometime next year. 

I'll download that Wickedpedia article and check occasionally to see how they revise it.  It's pretty accurate now, but I wouldn't bet on it staying that way.  The deniers simply add this to their repertoire, calling it a false flag in some cases or when not denying it claiming that Israel (and the U.S. in most cases) was aware of it well before it happened and let it proceed.  That would suggest it was approved, but by the Muslim world or the US/EURO cabal , or both? 

Anyway we have the regime that has always hated Jews, Aframs, Hispanics - but especially the state of Israel - and that includes Jewish politicians like Chucky Schemer - trying to bifurcate the baby by pandering to Jews while giving the Muslims a nod and a wink.  And it isn't working.  Nevertheless they pander to all constituencies for the votes and the money and this puts them in a bad situation but if the attack was approved at the highest levels they should have expected what happened.  Shouldn't they?

Seventy percent or so Jews support Democrats, and the regime's tepid support of Israel while condemning the Muslims with an equal lack of enthusiasm seems to have jarred a lot of them out their complacency.  The viciousness and scale of the attack immediately evoked references to the Holocaust and that is not a good thing for the cabal.  And the refusal of the Poison Ivy League institutions to condemn the Muslims has cost them financial support.  Probably Harvard and the other big ones can afford to lose a billion or two but alienating the Jewish population is not good for them. 

An interesting effect has been the number of Jews buying guns.  As with other minorities that find themselves on the wrong end of the bluetopian dream, along with the specter of the Holocaust, another formerly complacent minority may be preparing not to go quietly.  Jews are a tiny part of the population, as are Asians, but the regime needs every organic vote it can get. 

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Harvard swarmed by truck billboards calling for president to resign in wake of UPenn fallout Penn, Harvard and MIT presidents were grilled by Congress to answer whether 'calling for the genocide of Jews' violates
school rules
• don'thate100 6 minutes ago Gay's days are numbered. She needs to step down and an investigation needs to occur on t he University Code of Conduct and what has been allowed and not allowed. Reply lb 1 Share
• hypcryme 33 seconds ago Watching her and the other two tools from their respective Poison Ivy League institutions I got the impression that none of them are terribly intelligent. As in literally (literally as in the literal meaning of the word literally) barely average IQ and possibly below. The problem with diversity hires (and I've often had to cover for them, just long enough to find another job) is that they can't perform any real task. That's why in business we had to hire a real worker for each diversity hire. Quota hires we called them. Reply • SP Share
M Mickeyd563 6 minutes ago Smaller colleges have been shuttered mid year for a while now. I think you'll see some of the larger colleges, and universities shut down as parents catch on to these sky high tuition grabbers with no real return, and little value to students who after 4 years graduate more than a little dumber than when they started! Reply • ob 9 Share

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