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Thu 14 Dec 2023 10:22:58 PM CST

Two shining examples
Or what El Rushbo used to call 'glittering jewels of colossal ignorance'.  Except ignorance is no excuse.  To be sure these creatures are not very bright but stupidity isn't a reason to despise a person.  Avarice, venality and spiteful use of one's station to attack people who have never done them (or anyone else) any harm are good reasons.  Especially when one is placed in such a position with absolutely no regard for merit of service but to further an agenda. 

A few days ago the presidents of three Poison Ivy League universities were invited to testify before Congress on the matter of the vociferous antisemitic activity occurring on their campii by both students and faculty/administration.  Of course Jew-hating is something they thoroughly approve of (Havards hates the entire U.S.A.) but they can't very well admit it.  Officially anyway. 

Their performance was remarkably bad even for tools with ceremonial jobs who are never held to account for anything by their employers.  All three diversity hires merely read prepared responses (badly) to anticipated questions even when a simple 'yes or no' answer was requested.  And all that was necessary.  That's the usual response by any leftist tool but they were especially bad at it. 

Two were caucasian and the third was black.  One of the caucasians resigned a day or two later, by all rights it should have been from embarrassment but more likely she was ditched by the same people who hired her solely because of her sex.  And sufficient communist indoctrination of course.  Harvard didn't jettison theirs, theirs being the black one.  She checked multiple boxes - sex and race.  Humorously her last name is 'Gay' so there may be something there.  From the look of her sexual congress with a human of either sex seems rather improbable, which is just as well given the sort of abomination that would result if propagation occurred. 

No, Harvard wasn't about to fire her and she won't resign because she knows she is protected.  And where else is a sub-average IQ specimen that looks like that going to get a real job?  But likely in her mind with all the other garbage - and this is what provokes hatred for white people in her type - is knowing that she did nothing to earn her position.  Including her serial plaigirism which would probably still be continuing if she hadn't gotten a job doing nothing except signing or reading what was written by others.  Black people who succeed on merit and hard work don't have such hatred for white (and Asian, Jewish, Hispanic, etc.) people. 

More on that in a bit. 

Joetato's derelict dirtbag offspring responded to a subpoena from the Congressional committee investigating the Biden Crime Family by appearing at the venue - not on the day specified - and reading a statement concocted by his lawyers.  That the delivery of the crackhead was better than that of the university minions may tell us something about the state of society, or not.  The arrogance was the best-done part. 

Yet somewhere in that addled brain is a nagging fear.  Joetato just might not be reelected.  Certainly in that case, or even if he is reelected, he'll pardon his worthless son immediately.  So he skates, but if the democrat regime falls next year he'll be free but not much more.  If Trump is elected there will be vengeance, and while a new Justice Department may or may not be able to put together some cases not covered by pardons or statues of limitations it is likely the loot that hasn't been spent may be forfeited.  And he will certainly go on to commit more crimes, he just can't help it. 

In the case of the diversity hire tools at the universities they know that what the have has been given to them, and as they could never get it on their own they can't get if back if it's taken away.  So that little germ of fear will always be there, and the resentment against the better people who work for everything they have while paying for what is given to the tools. 

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Hunter Biden faces backlash after defying subpoena with press conference 'stunt': 'Hold him in contempt!'
Hunter was subpoenaed to appear before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees
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I give credit for reading a statement concocted by his lawyers - full of weasel words - better than the minions of the Poison Ivy League minions. Those supposedly sophisticated and educated tools upstaged by a derelict crackhead is pretty funny.
34 minutes ago
If, like Hunter Biden, you're out on pre-trial release and are so much as caught JAYWALKING you are violated, re-arrested, and you sit in a Federal Detention Center until your trial. Hunter ignored a Congressional subpoena looking into matters related to his indictment-- Obstruction Of Justice. He should have been removed from the Capitol in handcuffs-- in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service. (Edited)
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