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Thu 14 Dec 2023 10:22:58 PM CST

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A serving of mixed fruit pudding for the weekend.  What kind of fruit is in there? 

Seems a homosexual congressional staffer was making a homosexual porn video in a room in the Senate.  Or more likely (it was pretty short) some Democrat staffer just couldn't suppress his desire long enough to find a better place and someone was recording it.  Even if I could manage a shocked expression I wouldn't bother.  I might be shocked it if wasn't happening without being thus exposed a few dozen times for every time it does make the news.  For the record, the Ben Cardin staff member was engaging in anal sex in the Senate Hearing Room and the video was uploaded to a web site that caters to homosexuals.  Hang on, I'm going to wash my hands after typing that. 

As usual this one got filed under 'Karma' and was ignored the 'news' media.  Would that all who committed this crime against humanity would suffer so.  Unfortunately most of the victims are people who were terrified by the propaganda and coerced by having their livelihood threatened.  Still it's enjoyable to see one of the prominent offenders get his comeuppance.  I seriously doubt there will ever be a Nuremberg 2.0, but the perpetrators are alarmed at the mere mention of it.  Nice to see that at least. 

As with the Alex Jones case the celebrants are engaging in mental masturbation.  Neither case is likely to survive appeals, certainly the judgment amounts won't and unless the SCOTUS is even more compromised by then they won't survive at all.  Which is entirely beside the point - Alex Jones has no money to speak of (probably a few million but that will be beyond reach if they ever to try to collect) and Giuliani has nowhere near the amount awarded.  In any case Giuliani won't live long enough (he's almost 80 now) so they may be able to go after his estate, for what it's worth. 

It is equally irrelevant to the plaintiffs.  The plaintiffs in the Jones case were after money, pure and simple.  Maybe they'll eventually get a little and maybe they won't.  As for the cretins in Fulton County, any democrat participant in politics there is complicit in election fraud and obviously the local kangaroo court was going to give them what they wanted.  Marginally intelligent people can make millions bouncing a basketball or recording aural garbage and suing white people who have money, it's all the same.  So while Alex will be around longer than Rudy the money simply isn't there, and he'll continue to have a pretty good life.  Speaking of karma, one of the prototypical sue-whitey beneficiaries lived for a while on his ill-gotten lucre, but not as long as a higher-quality individual would have.  Like Saint George he's been drug-free for a long time and hasn't committed any more crimes. 

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BA mypartywashijackedbycommunists710 25 minutes ago Decades of children radicalized into Nazi terrorists while democrats cried, it's a conspiracy look away! Reply (t) 3 9' Share
sageryde 26 minutes ago Plagiarists Gay is the poster child for the Peter Principle and the epitome of everything that can go wrong will when a person is hired via virtue signaling based on gender and race. (Edited) Reply tk 5 f,P Share
H hypcryme 17 seconds ago The Peter Principle is people rising to a point at which they are no longer competent to perform their jobs satisfactorily. DEI bypasses it and installs unqualified tools in high positions they never could bet close to on their own. Reply (6 9' Share
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