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Mon 18 Dec 2023 11:22:39 AM CST

The best candidate?

Tomorrow or the next day, I forget now, the mortal remains of former SCOTUS justice Sandra Day O'Connor will be committed to the clay, or whatever they have where they bury her.  While she will be remembered as the first woman appointed to the court, being the first something or other is hardly automagically something to be proud of.  I remember the first black Miss America.  Either someone didn't take the time to check up on her or just didn't care, I dunno.  Probably Justice O'Connor would prefer to be remembered for her performance of the duty with which she was entrusted. 

And she did so most admirably.  President Reagan no doubt had a short list provided by his advisers, as did President Trump when presented with the opportunity to appoint a justice or two.  Or three.  Talk about Divine Providence.  Was she the absolutely dead-bang best one on the list?  Statistical probability says no.  If there were ten, even five, probably not.  Particularly in judges, there are fewer women available and very few qualified as leftists outnumber constitutionalists in that profession.  So if there were four men and then-judge O'Connor probably probably was not the best. 

But she was easily good enough, both in qualifications and experience and philosophy.  And she proved to be one of the best, whether or not she was chosen because she was a woman.  Justice Thomas was chosen because of his race, if there were however many white guys on Bush 41's list Thomas was going to the the gig because no president would dare replace the only black justice with a white one.  And despite Bush being a neocon tool he appointed a man who would prove to be one of the great ones.  Credit goes to his advisers, I would presume the list was all Afram for the reason stated earlier. 

So diversity hiring can work if you choose qualified candidates.  Of course the current vegetable-in-chief and his predecessor (their handlers actually) chose the least qualified, since their job is to be a tool of the cabal.  How hard is it to put your name on something written by at least nominally literate people?  Positions like Supreme Court justices are seldom available and there is little room for diversity there, and there should always be a black and at least a couple of female justices.  Sadly, when chosen by commie presidents they are the worst, and we are fortunate to have had a couple of openings under a sane and non-corrupt president. 

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Pope Francis allows priests to bless same•sex couples

Roman Catholic Church maintains position marriage is lifelong sacrament between man, woman

A americalstalways858 3 minutes ago Jesus said, "Go and sin no more."

Francis says, "Go and sin some more."

End times folks end times.

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A agentjayz888 3 minutes ago Serious question for you devout catholics: how does allowing the marriage of a gay person affect your life personally?

Why are you so obsessed with what other people do in their personal lives? Reply AP 1 Share

hypcryme Just Now What is a gay person? Do you mean homosexual? When you won't call a thing what it is it's because you're ashamed of the reality. One percent of the population doesn't bother me at all unless one of them does something to me personally. However, since you are addressing catholics (I'm not one and disagree with their 'theology' almost entirely) it is their church and their rules. If you don't like the rules don't play the game. Reply 11'; 4i? Share

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