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Thu 21 Dec 2023 09:41:35 PM CST

Goodbye Rudy
I figure Rudy to pretty much disappear now.  He's almost 80 and has had a pretty good life, and it sanity prevails at some point he'll be regarded as one of the great ones.  Comparing NYC under his administration with everything that has come after is all the evidence needed.  Dinkins was not quite the disaster the current occupant is but he was the typical diversity hire.  At least as diversity hires went back then.  Having had to cover for a few, at least then they just came to work and collected their paycheck and didn't muck things up.  We who did the actual work were happy to have them attend the meetings, we just prepared the material and they went in and read it. 

Giuliani actually gave NYC a shot at recovering, and Bloomberg's destruction was minimal.  In a way he behaved like the tokens of the previous era, allowing nominally competent staff to handle matters.  DeBlasio pretty much finished off the destruction of what Giuliani had accomplished and by the time he was gone it didn't matter which marginally sentient tool was installed.  They also are only mouthpieces for their masters, and need not even try to form a cogent thought.  Just read the script. 

What white flight did to cities in the past green flight is now doing to the blue states.  As wealth migrates to the free states like Texas and Florida the tax revenues of the blue states they left diminishes and the remaining population has fewer producers and more parasites.  So voting their way out becomes impossible for places like NY - the city and the state. 

But it got a brand.  So does Budweiser. 

So as Rudy falls to the regime, with a kangaroo court in Georgia assessing a penalty of a hundred forty something million dollars for stating the speaking inconvenient truths he will probably decide it just isn't worth it and retire from the field, leaving the battle to younger folk.  He takes bankruptcy, not even waiting for the appeals which would see a massive reduction of not a complete reversal, and will choose a place to spend his remaining years in peace.  Whatever the bankruptcy process leaves him with is irrelevant - he's a smart guy with connections and will have a pretty nice life.  I wish him well.

As for the two cretins who were used for the job, they will probably never see a dime even if their masters eventually prevail.  That's years away anyway, and they may well be competing for the scraps of Rudy's estate.  Like Alex Jones the millions they were promised will never be collected because it doesn't exist. 

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Tacoma officers verdict reached in Manny Ellis death case
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Ellis died while in Tacoma police custody in March 2020
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H hypcryme 35 seconds ago At least these three won't go to prison because a violent perp OD'd while being arrested. If I were a white cop and had a situation with a black perp I'd tell him to run and look the other way until he's gone rather than end up railroaded like the fellow in Minnesomalia. Especially in a blue cesspool like that, the people don't deserve law enforcement. They should experience the results of their stupidity. Reply Share
yy wrongtrack 6 minutes ago Why would anyone be a cop under any democrats leadership? Seriously, why? Reply ob 1 co Share
B BiIIS.SouthCarolina 6 minutes ago Anyone telling arresting officers "I can't breathe" should have an additional charge added. Reply (6 (ii' Share
N NL760331 6 minutes ago Glad to see these three exceptional officers cleared of these politically driven charges. I hope they sue the mayor you called for their termination before any due process was afforded them and they get every cent of back pay, plus some ... Reply 1(5 3 Share

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