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Thu 28 Dec 2023 06:01:50 PM CST

Pushing perversion
Nothing good comes of homosexuality, but that is the least of the deviant behavior and perversions being infiltrated into every crevice of American society.  So much in fact that many homosexuals - who actually just want to be left alone to do their thing - are unhappy with the Alphabet Nazis assault on society including them as a part of their coalition.  Well, they are the largest part - at about one percent of the population they dwarf the .002% that are 'transgender' (as opposed to posing) but most of them probably supported destroying the institution of marriage when it was done at the urging of many of them. 

Like the 99% of the population that I am part of I have no particular animosity towards homosexuals.  Despite their rarity outside of large population centers I've encountered a few.  Probably only a couple of them I found especially offensive and that had nothing to with their sexual behavior.  I have witnessed the destruction of young people recruited by homosexuals while in that window where a few young people are vulnerable and the children assaulted by homosexual pedophiles and the destruction of a human life is awful no matter how it is done. 

Those who don't attempt to force society to not only approve but celebrate their behavior don't bother me.  This kind does, and they are ones that get noticed because they want to be.  I suspect it is born of anger at the knowledge that they are deviant and the more they try to force people to approve of them the more normal people dislike them.  And the other day while listening to a radio station I was treated to a glowing eulogy of a recently-deceased reporter who worked for that broadcaster.  I was wondering why such an insignificant person was being given so much attention until the end where I learned that he is survived by his husband. Okey-dokey.  I get it. 

A few years ago, shortly after Readers' Digest had launched its large print version I happened to be reading one.  My late mother was in the early stages of dementia and had three or four subscriptions - they would send multiple renewal notices to the same address under slightly different versions of her name and she always paid the bill without noticing the duplicates.  Nice folks.  Anyway I read two articles in that issue which about a homosexual person, I seem to remember both cases involved a deceased partner.  Needless to say my sister was happy to get all of the subscriptions canceled.  By then Mom wasn't reading them anyway. 

As I said, their damage to society is isolated to the instances in which they assault individuals while the tranny assault does much more damage.  But if at some point a backlash against the larger assault envelops them it is their own fault. 

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Nearly 8,000-strong migrant caravan heads toward the US, Blinken urges Mexico help end 'irregular migration'
White House has pushed back on the record-high levels of immigration by describing current figures as 'not unusual'
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Joetato vacationing in the Caribbean, sent a couple of minions to beg the Mexicans to ease up on the invasion a bit. Apparently they told them to pound sand. They might want to reconsider - if Joetato or whoever the dim is loses and we get Trump it will be really bad for them.
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3 minutes ago
For every one illegal immigrant, Modelo/Corona Beer Distributors are selling 126/122 cases yearly, respectively. It'll never end. This is how Rome fell
2 minutes ago
No civilized society has survived the poisons of tolerance and diversity.
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3 minutes ago
If only I had a dime for every time a liberal has said they are sorry and will vote for Trump in 2024. Reply
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