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Sun 31 Dec 2023 07:35:10 PM CST

Waiting for 2024
Every new year's eve for years now has had the spectre of some craziness occurring, usually at the NYC bash but potentially in other places.  Less tension of course during the Trump administration but it was always there.  Some of course was just the talking heads and the various self-important officials and pundits getting some face time but the possibility is always there. 

One would think that the likely perpetrators would lay off for a while as terrorist incident can not help the regime and can only increase the probability of Trump being elected again.  But those conducting the Israeli attack of 7 October are certainly off their rockers.  That the masterminds would use the dregs of the Jihad is not surprising - what is left that isn't bottom of the barrel? - but if the insanely evil nature was intended then I would suspect that the planners were even more deranged than usual.  This may end with Hamas - and maybe Gaza - nearly depopulated.  Depending on events elsewhere of course. 

Still the reaction of the U.S. regime was politically suicidal, trying to split the baby and appease Jewish supporters while sparing Hamas as much retribution as possible.  Which suggests that maybe someone somewhere did something unapproved by the big boss.  Or maybe.... nah, not gonna say it.  Wouldn't be prudent at this juncture. 

One high-probability event would be some sort of false flag incident by the regime to distract from a muslim attack.  The guys in khakis and polo shirts doing something or other.  Normally those guys just show up and walk around getting on the news video.  An actual bombing or shooting or whatever might be a little hard to pull off.  Maybe put some of those out there for file footage and then some bombs going off and the perpetrators never found.  Roll the fake white supremacist reel while describing the explosions and casualties.  Yeah, that't the ticket. 

What then do we make of the Chicom leader's recent comments?  One possibility is that China will take Taiwan next year before a reformer president can be elected.  Or he could be just having some fun poking the decrepit lion.  Of course taking Taiwan next year could guarantee a Trump victory, but maybe they think it's worth it to get it of the way since once taken it's gone and no getting it back.  Kinda scary that the latter might be the case. 

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Al-Qaeda threatens Western and Jewish targets ahead of New Year% bash
fSA said in a statement it's 'aware of the latest AQAP (AI-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) communication as well as the ongoing threats to transportation
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H hypcryme Just Now Probably the FBI will have two or three cells of "white supremacists" trained to stage some false flag events to take attention away from the muslim attacks. If our see guys in khakis and polo shirts acting suspiciously say something. Nevermind, the 'authorities' will already know. Reply • t 91 Share
yy workingpoor1987 6 minutes ago We have a spineless president who has been bought and paid for. Give me someone who is not afraid of the rest of the world to lead this country. I'm sure no one saw this coming...eye roll Yet here we still are with open borders Reply • co 5 + i? 1 Share
N novakinklu 6 minutes ago The FBI is scouring PTA roles this very minute in search of the AQAP terrorists. They have several suspects who are masquerading as blonde females with small children. Obvious disguises. Reply ifr 2 *i., Share
texasagnukee 9 minutes ago Weird. This doesn't happen in conservative voting districts.
Come on down to Montgomery Texas and try it! Reply 4 qi 1 • Share
T tears 1 minute ago This doesn't happen on Long Island Reply • a co • Share
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