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Tue 02 Jan 2024 01:31:08 PM CST

With anyone else it would eventually wax uncomfortable to watch the squirming but Harvard has been so contemptible for so long....  But finally someone had to tell her.  Whoever it was.  Did they actually finally have to tell her she would be fired if she didn't resign?  My guess is they did.  As my friend Hyp says, of the three tools that went to Congress to defend the indefensible this one was the worst.  Vacuous is a pretty good description, but this one is an order of magnitude beyond vacuous.  I wonder what goes through the minds of the dissertation committees as they review the work of the diversity candidates.  And did her serial plagiarism, being almost the entire body or her work, really go unnoticed?  No one is stupid enough to believe that.  Well, some people are but not many are senior faculty in universities.  Although with thirty to forty years of pushing unqualified candidates through - and diversity hiring - there are more than there used to be.  Only a white man need fear being held accountable for anything these days. 

Will the next black female president of Harvard, if not possessed of some qualifications at least not be such a complete travesty?  The usual talking head agitators were blaming racism, one commenting that the first black female president of Harvard was being treated badly because of her race.  Never mind that she was given the position because of her race.  And sex, bu there were plenty or white women available.  That's like claiming that black murders are being sent to prison because they're black.  BTW, one of the people she stole from was a distinguished black woman who earned her position the hard way.  As for being the first black something-or-other the first black Miss America should have taught someone something.  She was going to be Miss America no matter what the competition was because it ws decided that there would be a black Miss America.  It wouldn't have been to bad had they vetted her and avoided the embarrassment that followed.  She did all right afterwards with a modest show business career. 

Of course Fraudine stole from a bunch of despised (by her) white men.  So there's that.  It wouldn't be surprising to find that some of the people she ripped off were Jews.  Or Asian, or Hispanic.  Ewww! 

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Harvard president Claudine Gay to resign amid antisemitism, plagiarism controversies, reports say
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Harvard President Claudine Gay to step down Tuesday, reports say
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H hypcryme Just Now Of the three bumbling blundering tools who performed (badly) at the Congressional hearings this one is the most dimwitted. And vacuous as they were she makes them look smart. Reply db Q Share
• scrantonsvrapper 3 minutes ago she can CHECK HER BOX somewhere else Reply • 05 iga • Share
• Bidenfraudinchief 3 minutes ago How's that equity hire going dims? BWAHANAHA!!!! Reply • 05 4° Share
• dadpatton 3 minutes ago Isn't affirmative action and equity great?!?! Reply • 05 4° Share
w weepeepole198 4 minutes ago Yes Congratulations to the Students who brought her to the forefront with their relentless targeting of her Plagiarism crimes which any of them would be dismissed for. Also the Jewish student who brought her indifference and insensitivity to Antisemitism to the forefront forcing her in front of a Congressional Committee to expose her for what she is....a Privileged DEI Appointee whom does not deserve to be in the position. Reply ifr 1 ti Share

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