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Happy anniversary baby
Almost sixty years since that infamous hate of the union speech was delivered.  Yeah, the dims hated the union that long ago only things weren't bad enough for a lot of people to notice.  In fact it would take sixty years, if in fact now there are enough.  But noticing and griping about it isn't the same as doing something about it.  And that's probably where we are.  LBJ's nonsense went in one ear and out the other, as most SOTUs do.  They are after all garbage, slightly less smelly when delivered by RINO presidents that communist wannabes.  Reagan did some good ones as did Trump but that was about it. 

If LBJ had that much analytical and strategic thinking ability he would have foreseen the results, but my assessment of his intellectual status is that he was merely delivering what his handlers handed him.  As most presidents do.  He wanted to be president, for whatever reason people like him want to, maybe he believed in the long-range objective of the party and maybe he didn't.  He just wasn't that smart. 

His equally infamous private remarks were certainly accurate, but he was merely observing what was there to observe.  Those who opposed it also saw the inevitable result.  So here we are approaching the end of the runway and we're still on it and not enough speed to get airborne and can't stop.  We passed the point of no return some time back, probably at Bush 43. Trump was hobbled by the entrenched milquetoast Republicans and even then he was too dangerous to the deep state.  So he had to go. 

The only way out is if Trump manages to get elected - that would require him to stay alive - and is able to inflict some serious hurt on the minions of the cabal in this country.  That would require him doing to them what they are doing now - mass arrests and incarcerations a la Jan 6 Gulag, vetoing budgets and leaving the country 'shut down' for as long as it takes to get one with no deficits.  The rot is probably too deep and competent facilitators too few to make it happen.  And in such a situation the assassination attempts would be constant.  The SS would to if necessary. 

There was a time not so long ago when the entire debt was attributable to feeding the parasites.  That would be about twenty trillion or so.  But trillion-dollar wars - on decades of an anemic economy - with the government already broke have put it beyond any conceivable fix. 

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On this day in history, January 4119651 LBJ touts utopian 'Great Society' in State of the Union address
President's plan failed to win 'war on poverty' but succeeded in ballooning size of federal bureaucracy
H hypcryme 1 minute ago "The Great Society will not be the gift of government. It will require of every American ... to make the journey"
Back then the journey was to the welfare office. Now it's to the southern border. Reply dj Y Share
▪ technicallycorrect 5 minutes ago Can you believe anyone fell for Johnson's "Vote for Pedro" strategy: 'Vote for me and all of your wildest dreams will come true."? Reply dr 2 (ill Share
threeoddnumbers • 7 minutes ago
Twenty-five trillion dollars and counting, and all it has achieved is greater dependence on the government. But that's what the Democrats intended: give us your vote for and you get a check in return. The Dems always have been in the business of buying and selling people though. Reply ifr 1 +1, Share
RedRob718740 • 7 minutes ago
MMM hmmm. Makes a ton of sense. GHB was on the grassy knoll in Dallas '63, with much discussion following about his involvement. Makes way for Johnson who touts "Great Society"...which in concept sounds like the In and W and Oh that followed and was announced on 9/11/1991 by GHB himself, 10 "prophetic" years before that day in September, and as managed by GWB and showing the apple does not at all far from the tree. I need to go run the numbers of days, weeks, months and years between all these as I'm sure they mean something. But just found it noteworthy of the connection between the plan and it's forerunner. Been around a long time folks. (Edited) Reply ifr 1 *,:, Share
saoirsecat 8 minutes ago If you want to know why so many babies are born out of wedlock, or why there are so many single parent households, this is it! The Dems' idea of the great society. Reply •ob Share

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