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Trump in 2024

Thu 04 Jan 2024 08:19:46 PM CST : 1704413986
I'll go out on a limb and say that Donald Trump will be president again in 2025.  At this point I'd say it's 50/50 and considering what is being done by the regime to prevent it that's very optimistic.  I remain optimistic because the alternative is too terrible to contemplate but also because the mix of factors is too chaotic for anyone to control and thus is more likely to have a good result.  Should another democrat - Joetato or someone else - it will certainly be the end of the Republic as we knew it prior to January of 2021. 

Sun 14 Jan 2024 05:28:45 PM CST : 1705274925
Things are just weird enough now that it's pure speculation, and that weirdness weighs in Trump's favor, slightly.  They're also bad enough that even is fraud is incrementally increased it still may not be enough.  Last time around it was a few hundred thousand votes in a handful of states and those states are well in play now, with Trump leading in all of them most of the time. 

Probably not a lot of Jews have switched yet, but there aren't very many to start with.  And some might just not hold their noses and vote.  Hispanic loss continues, and that's a bigger part, while African-Americans remain pretty much where they have been.  Expressing discontent but few actually changing.  Asians are probably tilting some, again a small number but every little bit hurts.  Women, hard to say.  Certainly college-educated and single women generally are pretty much in the tank.  They may be among the last to turn no matter how bad things are. 

Still it would seem the situation is sufficiently desperate that another lockdown might seem desirable but it's risky even to try.  Maybe some other type of 'emergency' such as large-scale terrorist attacks.  Actually one would probably to but if there are any people with an IQ above room temperature they'd want more.  One on each coast at least, say NYC and LA.  And since no 'white supremacist ultra-MAGA' operations - if there are any - aren't going to oblige it would take some of the fake ones, khakis and polo shirts and all.  That would be easiest, probably nothing more than an OKC-style event, this time without even bothering to find a disgruntled buy talking about it and encourage him.  Have regular government personnel plant the explosives and demolition charges, sacrifice some government personnel to make it look good, and announce it was white supremacists.  Maybe put a 'truck bomb' at the site for visual effect. 

Would they do it?  They've done it before.  Would it work?  Certainly more people are less gullible than they were twenty years ago but you never know. 

Might as well say here and now that if it looks like Trump is going to win, even if he's been sitting in jail or house arrest at Mar-a-Lago and under gag orders and what not... well, it's the last resort.  No doubt by now one or more SS agents have been suborned - or are plants - to do the job.  They'll try to make it look like an accident or natural causes, but there aren't that many stupid people.  Too many but not that many. 

So that may well be the way it ends.  Or maybe not.  If the dims hold Congress and it's close they can just not let him win the electoral vote count.  That might be more interesting than having offed him beforehand. 

Of course if the Republicans hold the house, even improve their margin, they'll let the dim with the most votes win even if the election was even more fraught with fraud than the one in 2020. 

Sun 21 Jan 2024 06:24:07 PM CST
Well, the primaries are over and so are Bird Brain Nikki Strangelove's aspirations.  No matter, she's in the cabal and will always have lucrative director seats and othr goodies.  She can have a book or two written, presuming advances from publishers are forthcoming sufficient to pay the writers.  Look for them in Dollar Tree in a couple of years if she doesn't prove serviceable enough for some outfit to make bulk purchases to put her on the best-seller list.  All in all she's done well, and really, I mean really man, did she ever think she would be president?  Even this time around she was going for veep and that's surely blown.  She showed just how helpless she is without a patron, and Trump filled that role by lifting her out of the (political) sticks and giving her some cred in the big leagues.  Trump might have even given her another shot, possibly even a cabinet post but she's tested positive for the cabal disease he won't want her anywhere around. 

I could be completely wrong if things look so bad that Trump has to take her, but it's not looking good for her.  Depending how many other players there are it could happen.  Some of the possible spoilers:
RFKjr - early on there was talk he would take a lot of votes from Trump because of his anti-Quackvax stance and Trump's goofs.  I doubt if any solid Trump supporter would be in that camp.  They're smart enough to know it was easy for Kennedy with nothing to lose by talking had it easy.  Trump's base is pretty unbreakable.  Whether it's big enough is another question but most likely Kennedy would hurt Biden. 
Christie and somebody - could happen, can imagine any number of somebodies (aside from Manchin) as there's no shortage of noses pointed at the trough at all times.  Can't see them getting anything but the Never-Trumpers and Trump's already lost those, except for the ones that have seen the light and are not firmly on his side. 
Manchin and Christie - this has come up but hard to see.  Manchin is unprincipled but Christie has nothing to offer, and he's actually pretty disgusting even to the unprincipled. 
Manchin and some 'moderate' Democrat - likely.  Even if he knows it hurts the dims?  Hard to say, but one never knows.  I don't figure Manchin to be a deep thinker who would think that taking Biden out and letting Trump back in would wake up the dims and make them reform, so that's out as a motive.  He's so old his future in politics is done and he must know he has no chance of winning.  Or so one would think. 
Marianne Williamson - Green? She seems committed to run as a dim (like that's ever gonna happen), but the Greens are likely to be on the ballot in every state so she could be tempted.  They're not much if any nuttier than she is. 

Mon 22 Jan 2024 03:11:37 PM CST
Just... WOW! Here's an analysis of the pic.

We all know that somehow or other an attempt will be made if all else fails.  The fact that Trump will have SS people around him all the time would make it hard for it to be thwarted.  How many SS agents on the detail can be suborned?  One would be enough if done right, and it was totally unexpected.  Probably they would want more than one though.  Hard to say with this bunch. 

I say that despite a seeming willingness in some quarters to let Trump succeed and try to mitigate the damage.  Obviously putting Haley in as veep would give them a chance to get it back in 2028.  The way they got it after Reagan by getting him to select Bush 41.  Reagan didn't like him but went ahead and did as much as he could in eight years - actually four as the first term was spent reversing the damage wrought by Carter.  And the damage from the Joetato regime is an order of magnitude - or two - worse.  So letting Trump in if he looks unbeatable could be an acceptable strategy for those who think really long-term. 

But the overall structure of the cabal is fractured.  There are some factions that believe that Trump absolutely positively must not be allowed back in the White House.  Probably some are motivated by fear of what he will do to them, as he would certainly put the hounds of Justice on their heels right away.  So to survive (and keep their ill-gotten lucre) some may go rogue.  So an attempt is almost certain, success is not.  Of course it goes - should go - without saying that a failed attempt would almost certainly guarantee a Trump victory.  The idea that the SS would carry out or allow some sort of 'accident' is discussed by some but the resulting chaos could be as damaging. 

So while the establishment may be willing to choke down a Trump win what do we make of the Soros threat? 

Beats me.  The kid is probably as evil as the old man if not more so, presuming more is possible.  Possibly thrown out there to intimidate Trump, as if that is possible.  It was pretty carefully well put together to make the message clear but whether it signals that there will be a cabal-sanctioned operation or it's just to incite one of the crazies.  One of the guys made an observation, probably after a generous intake shots of one of our favorite libations:

More and more Trump strikes me as a Paul Atreides, if a thoroughly incongruous one.  Paul had the empire on its knees and the Emperor his prisoner, able to dictate whatever terms he desired but one obstacle remained.  To avoid trouble from the Landsraad (which was theoretically capable of defeating the Emperor and any houses loyal to him) he believed he had to accept Feyd-Rautha's challenge (a duel to the death) as failing to obey the forms could result in trouble.  Even knowing that one of the possible outcomes was his own death he accepted the risk and entered the ring.  Even if he didn't know which timeline he was in (live or die) he knew that in all of them the Jihad went forward with or without him.  I don't see Trump as being the deeply philosophical type but he seems willing to even risk death to save the Republic.  And his legend may well inspire millions to resist if this is indeed the last election, i.e. a Democrat president (Biden or someone else) is installed.  Millions of partisans who won't go quietly will be problem for such a regime, particularly one not only unprepared but not ever having conceptualized their existence. 

Just kidding about the alcohol.  Hyp's pretty stable alcohol or not.  He's a Herbert fan and he was pretty sharp.  I suspect he's right though.  Of course Trump is pretty old and near end-of-life anyway.  He's looking spending the rest of his life in prison if he fails and the other option may be preferable.  He's had a pretty good run and will eventually be a legend, whether soon or later. 

Thu 01 Feb 2024 01:37:15 PM CST
I suspect that one or more third party candidates may be essential for Trump to win.  Leaving aside the repetition of history (desperation over the Carter destruction moving Democrats to vote for any change) and a situation that is an order of magnitude - or two - worse.  It seems the sheeple will graze contentedly until the herder brings the Judas goat to lead them to the slaughter.  It would seem that Carter on steroids would be enough but the crazies are more determidely crazy with Trump hatred.  Even a boots-on-the-ground war might not do it, or the fall of Taiwan, multiple significant terrorists attacks (say a dozen or more mass casualty events distributed around the country), increasing desperation by blue cesspools do deal with illegals.  So far nothing seems to have moved them. 

Formerly locked-up segments (black and Jewish) are threatened but the black vote of any significance has never materialized before and the any gain with Jewish voters is negligible.  Hispanic vote is already up from the past and more growth would be good but doesn't seem likely to make the difference.  A third party or two could help.  Probably even one percent, and Kennedy should easily get more than that and very little could come from Trump as his base is as solid as any politician's has ever been. 

The dims are threatening any potential third parties that might come from within he party, e.g. Manchin with pulling out every ounce of dirt they have and probably will make some up if they have to.  I doubt RFKjr is worried about it but others might be. 

Mon 05 Feb 2024 08:07:55 PM CST
The lawfare campaign seems to be approaching a non-factor.  A small number of likely Trump voters, something like 2%, say they might not vote for him if he was convicted of a crime.  The likelihood of that is declining rapidly.  The trained ape in Georgia was let off the leash too long and while it didn't rip the face off an innocent bystander it probably killed the case.  Even if it can be revived and tried time is running short.  That was probably never had quite the potential some thought.  Theoretically upon a conviction in the Georgia case Trump could have been jailed immediately but there was always the possibility that he could win even if in jail at election time.  It would be hilarious. 

More hilarious would be seeing the tools of the regime being rounded up after Trump takes office.  Only by hammering them in large numbers (over a thousand for starters) can he put some serious fear in them. 

Sun 11 Feb 2024 11:55:35 AM CST
Joetato's press conference the other day (after the whitewash dried) was so confusing it could have been planned that way.  They could have let it die with no comment and no damage done.  Since the operation is apparently being run by a bunch of seventh-graders and not TAG types (remember student council election speeches in junior high?) it may have been an attempt at damage control.  After all the part about him being marginally cognizant - whose idea was it to put that in the report? 

Legal defense?  Hardly a need as he'll never be prosecuted.  Sure, Trump might go after him on principle but it would take so long he'd be dead before it got to a trial. 

Preparing to remove him by 25-4?  That would seem to be a last resort.  And they'd have to deal with the Cackler.  She can probably be paid off but with this bunch you never know.  Joetato's wife seems determined to keep him for another shot. 

Incompetence?  Wasn't meant to be left in?  Works as well as anything else. 

While it seems there is no coherent strategy it is probable that he won't be in the game come election time.  Maybe they're still trying to persuade Taco Jill to have him bow out.  They could put in Gruesome or Big Mike or whoever at the convention.  Maybe that's still undecided, still arguing over it.  Certainly the contenders for the replacement slot are going to fight for it. 

There seems to be some indication Mikey might go for it, with the usual tools saying he won't.  My guess he won't unless winning is an absotively posilutely sure thing.  And if there was ever a time when there are no sure things this is one. 

Any way it happens it seems now even more likely Trump won't be facing Joetato in November.  And with him out of the way the right candidate could 'win' as very little has been done to mitigate fraud.  It would take at least a 1980 result.  In a sane world that would be a cakewalk.  But the world is nowhere near sane, especially this five percent of it.  It's near the bottom of the barrel. 

Certainly Trump should use the Reagan question as well as the Serpent Head lie .  Beat the sheeple over the head 24/7. 

Sat 17 Feb 2024 05:46:18 PM CST
The ones so sure Joetato is gonna be on the ticket come November, some of them anyway, are beginning to reconsider.  He looked seriously bad a few days ago, in is faux outrage over Trump's NATO remarks. 

The prevailing theory is that he's being shot up with something that temporarily restores some actual lucidity but it doesn't last very long.  Whatever it is it lasts less long every time.  At some point there won't be enough seconds of lucidity to get anything out.  I have to wonder though if at some point before August (the convention) or November he assumes room temperature if there is a plan.  One would think so but....

It would seem that whoever it is would be able to 'win' since only a few states have to be rigged.  Maybe their operation really isn't that good.  I hope so.  Of course handing it off at the convention would make the most sense, but perhaps the uncertainty about what happens with a dead candidate on the ballot is something they believe they can handle. 

In any case, given his condition I'm not betting he'll make it to August. 

Tue 02 Apr 2024 10:09:13 AM CDT
The lawfare thing seems to be destined to fail. Even if they get one of the trials to a conclusion, or if one is going on the whole time, it just doesn't seem to matter to anyone except the already converted. RFJjr is looking in good shape to get on the ballot in every state, certainly all the ones that matter. Not that I can or would want to get inside his head but he's got to know he has zero chance of winning. He's smart enough to know that he will take nearly zero votes from Trump so it all comes out of Joetato's share. He publicly stated that 'tater is a bigger threat to 'democracy' than Trump. If he believes that is he interested only in making sure Trump wins?

Republicans would do well to slip a few bucks to his campaign. Nader took three percent and probably made the difference in enough states to keep it close enough for Bush 43 to win. Kennedy I would expect to be closer to Perot. Perot got almost 19% and easily killed Bush 42's chances. Bush would have won easily otherwise as very few Perot voters would have gone for Slick Willie who won with the 43% that was the solid dim base then. Trump easily has 43%, more like 50+ but he has to overcome the massive fraud which will be even bigger than last time. 20% for Kennedy would help a lot.

Harder to figure is if they'll do away with Kennedy. They are now so brazen that anything is possible, but how do they deal with Trump? That an attempt on either would increase support for the target probably doesn't occur to them. In any case a successful hit on Kennedy could be a disaster for the dims. Or an unsuccessful attempt.

It looks like if Kennedy gets 10% the dims are done, and he's likely to get a lot more.

Tue 16 Apr 2024 11:39:16 AM CDT

They started the trial yesterday and that pic of Fat Alvin is perfect. The judge is pretty normal-looking, never mind that he's as corrupt as the rest of them. Ted Bundy was pretty normal-looking. The verdict seems to be pretty much fixed. The chances of a non-corrupt juror even being selected are remote given that probably not even ten percent of the pool isn't. If one or two look dodgy (unbiased) to the judge they will be removed. In the Simpson trial all but one of the white jurors were dismissed during the trial and replaced with black alternates. So Simpson walked, and it would be another thirty years before he went to burn forever with Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Ted 'the Swimmer' Kennedy.

Fat Alvin is demanding that Trump be jailed for contempt. I suspect Trump wants them to. At any rate it should be entertaining.

Thu 30 May 2024 07:40:56 PM CDT
Well, Fat Alvin got what he wanted. Since not much will be happening in the way of trials before the convention in July (the judge conveniently decided to do the sentencing a few days before the convention - do the dims really believe it will prevent his nomination, something they thought they wanted but now aren't so sure. I guess the guys over at Psygone see it the way most of us:

Yeah, that would be funny. At my age I'll be like the old dude in Darkness at Noon, hearing his daughter read the account of Rubashov's trial. Who will it be, will we go through a bloody revolution first or will just slide into the darkness, we in hiding watching the new regime disposing of its tools. Sure prosecutors like the Fats, Merchan, a whole lot of people now being paid millions of dollars a year to sit in front of cameras and dish out the propaganda. They likely will be the most surprised of all.

No point in speculating now. Apparently Trump's donation website crashed under the load and apparently he's now free to campaign without being stuck in a courtroom. Joetato was losing ground already and has no way forward. Do they replace him? Assuming he doesn't drop dead before. Some people I've observed are right just about all the time say China may move on Taiwan well before November. Now if you'll excuse me I have to work on supply. Lot of us are rotating stock over ten years old to the front and checking for condition. Eating dehydrated beef and mac and cheese isn't fun but opening cases of ammo and taking out every tenth round for testing is.

Text in images

==================================================================================================== Romex399.2 23 minutes ago Looking at that face devoid of any intelligence beyond a recently weaned puppy while listening to him laboriously reading a prepared statement is... disgusting doesn't even begin to describe it. Such tools are disgusting the way a skunk or other disgusting animal is but the people who put them in those positions to use as weapons are far worse - they are supposedly capable of logical reasoning and consideration of consequences. For every action there is a reaction, for every good an evil, for every strength a weakness, and for every injustice there is somewhere a final justice. ~ Mack Bolan ==================================================================================================== Chemical Youth 19 minutes ago I doubt such tools as Fat Alvin and Fat Fanny realize they are nothing but tools - they actually believe they have some intrinsic value even if only in comparison to their own kind. Should they win we will have the satisfaction of seeing them heaved over the side whey their usefulness is at an end but we will be too busy trying to stay alive to enjoy it. Some people are like Slinkies - not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs. ==================================================================================================== KaliforniaDreamin 9 minutes ago Merchan = Lavrentiy Beria. Once in a while just for fun I read the account of how Beria got his. Life is a lemon and I want my money back. - Meat Loaf ==================================================================================================== Remo Williams 22 minutes ago The Cloward-Piven crowd (those that actually know what it is as they help their masters carry it out) presume that they will be the victors and reap the rewards. As others have observed they cannot survive the collapse if they actually make it happen - no country with - at a minimum 50 million - armed resistance elements broken up into thousands of independent cells can be successfully pacified. I don't know what it will look like but probably we will end up with the infrastructure broken and our would-be rulers trapped in the cities with millions of denizens who were marginally civilized to begin with and are now hungry (and cold if it's winter) and don't care how their hunger is satisfied. That's the biz sweetheart. ==================================================================================================== KaliforniaDreamin 16 minutes ago What we've prepared for for years - whether war or natural disaster or an attack from the government. We're prepared to live for years without having our food delivered - the cities have at best a few days. If energy and transportation fails... I hope some kind of TV or Internet remains up so we can watch the fun. Life is a lemon and I want my money back. - Meat Loaf ====================================================================================================

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