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diversity hires is you're starting out with what you know to be substandard material and you're going go constantly cover if possible and if not repair the the inevitable and constant fuckups.  Idi Amin Jr. being in this place or that or this person or that knowing where he was is irrelevant.  His job is to recite whatever his handlers write for him, as with every other minion of the regime.  In a group of dunces he's probably no more ignorant than most, less than some.  Hyp commented:

Someone brought up a previous diversity hire, and there is no comparison.  I was in Vietnam when Powell was there once, he was a major then, we all knew he was fast-tracked because of his race.  That was the way it was and we dealt with it.  Some of us white guys, Asian and Hispanics as well, were going to work harder for the remaining promotion slots.  But hell, Powell wasn't bad anyway.  Not that great but not bad.  There was a certain level of competence required even for quota-fillers.  Bush 43 made him chairman of the joint chiefs and he did pretty well.  Like anyone in that position he was merely did whatever his staff recommended.  He had social skills and was pretty well educated.  Only when he endorsed Obama did he show his true colors.  Appointed to the cabinets of both Bushes, he owed his present elevated status to Republicans.  But to have a black president was more important to him to have a competent and ethical one who put the interests of the country first. 

Powell had more discipline than the current crop.  Not that he had any gratitude to those who helped him, obviously.  When he abandoned the facade he was near the end of his career anyway.  He'd been well rewarded for playing his part.  But in the current environment not are they only selecting worse candidates for everything.  Partly because competence and character aren't present in most as compared to Republican administrations - bad as they are - but the current regime deliberately selects the worst because they are merely mouthpieces for the puppet masters. 

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On this day in history, January 6, 1941, FDR delivers Four
Freedoms speech, steeling Americans for WWII
State of the Union address called for Americans to defend universal human values such as freedom of speech, religion
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Right on first two wrong on the others. Freedom from want is accomplished by working and paying your way. Freedom from fear - fear of what? Fear of the dark (great Iron Maiden song), fear of failure? Fear of the government - FDR laid the groundwork for that and now it's bearing fruit big time.
23 minutes ago
Two of those are enshrined in the US Constitution, the other two are from the Communist Manifesto. FDR, despite all of the political grandstanding, was a devout socialist, as is proven out in his domestic
1 hour ago
Freedom from want is not in the Declaration of Independence, and for the government to try to guarantee it, would mean the end of actual freedom. More a Marxist idea than an American one.
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