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Fri 12 Jan 2024 07:46:24 PM CST

Selective breeding
Probably the most disgusting aspect thus far is the Georgia kangaroo court set up to prevent Donald Trump from returning to power is the images that come to mind.  We're presumably talking sexual congress here, between the persecutor and a two-bit slip-and-fall lawyer who would be doing good to pay the rent on his office had he not lucked into a relationship with one of the tribal elders of Fulton County.  From Wikipedia:

Willis was born in Inglewood, California. Her father, John C. Floyd III, was a founder of a faction of the Black Panthers but grew disillusioned by the movement's infighting.
My name is actually Fani (fah-nee), Taifa is my middle name, and my last name is Willis. So, my father was a Black Panther, so he was very Afrocentric my name is Swahili. Fani actually means prosperous, and Taifa means people. We're not talking about material things in wealth, we're talking about that stuff that really matters. I always remember my roots, that I come from a prosperous people, which are African people."

Such overweening self-aggrandizement is typical of the educated ones who believe that being a selected tool of the regime proves their intrinsic value, of which they have little.  The welfare state was designed to produce a horde of low-intelligence parasites from which to harvest votes and a very few are occasionally elevated to positions of power within the regime because their loyalty is almost guaranteed.  That same lack of intelligence is accompanied by an absence of self-restraint and the ability or inclination to think beyond the pleasures of the moment and so they occasionally embarrass their masters. 
There are quite a few of these plants spread around the country, from DC or Berkeley or Harvard.  One of the Tennessee Three is from Oakland.  Why do they leave their comfortable dens in New York or California or DC to go to the backwaters like Tennessee and Georgia?  Rhetorical question of course.  When the smallest school district in a small county has two homosexual teachers (a married couple) and the county library has a homosexual librarian doing the usual grooming (this may have been the final nail in the coffin for the proposed sales tax to support the library) it's no accident.  The poison is being pumped into every crevice of society. 

Whether any of these exposures help Trump is as unknown as anything else.  It does now seem that any trials will not be completed before election day.  So either he wins and takes care of the matter or he loses and the Republic as we know it is at an end anyway.  He loses and the sheeple will soon be rudely awakened, too late. 

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Rand Paul declares he is 'never Nikki,' weighs in on 2024
presidential race
Paul says 'knowledgeable' libertarians or conservatives should oppose former Gov Nikki Haley
Just Now
Nikki McRomBush. Nikki Birdbrain. Nikki Strangelove. She's more ridiculed than the Jersey Whale Christie and deservedly so. Before long it will be over and she ain't gonna be in the new Trump administration so she might as well begin that journey into well-deserved obscurity. Hang out with Pence, Christie, Hutchison et al.
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3 minutes ago
Randy needs to shut up and sit down. He's a hypocrite from start to finish.
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30 seconds ago
You lefties hate it when someone goes against what the Democrat Communists want. Dems want Nikki because she's just as bad as them.
4 minutes ago
ME TOO: never Nikki
4 minutes ago
The only way Nikki sees the oval office in 2025, is if President Trump invites her. Nikki like Hillary, will never be President.
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