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Sun 14 Jan 2024 10:20:36 AM CST

As usual Vox coins the right word for the right time.  I suppose this will be the first large-scale immicaust if it isn't prevented.  The last time the muslims occupied a large part of the world it was done the conventional way.  They don't have the armies these days, at least not in one coherent force that can be launched against the targets, taking one after another as each is subdued and occupied.  In any case technology, even if the western nations have let their forces deteriorate, would make it impossible.  If nothing Israel will use the Samson option if all seems lost and depending on the direction the U.S. takes after this year it certainly can do some serious damage.  Whether it comes to nukes, it's a possibility of the situation is bad enough. 

Taking Europe is one thing, taking the U.S. is another.  The 20 million or so invaders/infiltrators already on the ground are a serious matter, but the 30-50 million who are well-armed and will fight to the last man, woman and child and are dispersed over three million square miles not counting Alaska.  How Alaska would figure into such a scenario... dunno.  Some of the eastern European and Scandinavian countries would likely have serious partisan resistance, but how well armed and equipped they are is questionable. 

In any case westerners have never been and are not now inclined to commit the mass slaughter of enemies, even enemies who are attempting genocide against them, as the invaders do.  Respect for even potentially innocent life is a weakness.  I know, the Nazis slaughtered millions of people who didn't look enough like them but that is an anomaly.  The Mongols and muslims exterminated entire populations when expedient.  BTW, Stalin and Mao killed people pretty much like them.  What is planned for the west is extermination of light-skinned people.  After raping and torturing them of course, and maybe keep some as slaves. 

There are precisely four options for Germany and every Western country, including the United States:
  1. Remigrate the invaders and return them safely to their native lands.
  2. Fight a war with the invaders, culminating in a historical Immicaust.
  3. Decline into violent post-civilized, post-European anarchy.
  4. Be invaded and occupied by the Russian Army.

Vox can be tricky to read, and whether by immicaust he means exterminating the invaders or us being exterminated by them isn't quite clear.  Since he presents it as one of the solutions I suspect it's the former with the latter being the result if something isn't done and soon.  I don't know about Russia invading the U.S. but parts of Europe (NATO) are a possibility.  More likely once Russia and China are heading up a dominant BRICSIA++ whatever they may be content to let the western hemisphere be, buying up countries in Latin America (and Africa) where needed for things like oil and essential elements.  Once Taiwan is under Chinese control (beginning later this year) the U.S. will be severely crippled tech-wise.  The armed forces are already well on the way to being useless and if they are trying to control the cities and dealing with partisans interference in foreign affairs will be a thing of the past. 

It's possible that such a scenario might eventually lead to a U.S. government friendly to Russia.  It would probably be messy for a while.  Or maybe enough people will the their acts together and incrementally restore sanity. 

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Tony Dungy says Taylor Swift has 'disenchanted' NFL fans: 'Taking away from what really happens on the field'
Swift has become an NFL fixture since dating Travis Kelce
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Don't worry, the Taylor Swift product sell by date is 2025 or so. Once pharma boy Kelce has done his
duty in Plandemic 2.0 and the the 10-13 year olds have told Mommy and Daddy to vote for Joetato they
won't be needed for a while.
3 minutes ago
4 minutes ago
News Alert...NFL fans were disenfranchised long before Taylor started balling Travis, sorry!
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