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Thu 18 Jan 2024 12:23:18 PM CST

Flip flop

Hyp gets it right in his usual colorful way:

Neocon Bird Brain Nikki Stranglove floppin' like a crappie on the bottom of an aluminum Jon boat on a south Alabama lake in late July.

As if she needed to look more ridiculous after declaring that, finishing after DeSantis in Iowa even with the dim voters that switched parties long enough to vote for her (one advantage of not having a dim primary) it is now a two person race.  Whether or not she is one of those two persons hardly matters as the chances of Trump pounding the puppy really hard and selecting her as veep are dim. 

No doubt the uniparty will press him to do so but if he is in fact destined to win it will almost certainly be without Haley.  His nickname is one of the most accurate, she really is a mediocre intellect.  Better than being a dim, I haven't seen one in the current regime that comes close to mediocre.  Guys like Serpent Head and Axelrod that were moderately intelligent - or at least able to intelligently analyze the situation - are barely heard from the sidelines. 

As governor of South Carolina she was hardly a standout among the candidates for national politics, most likely she was suggested to Trump for UN ambassador by uniparty types that Trump had way too many of.  And it gave her the visibility she needed to climb another rung or two.  The removal of Trump put a stop to her climbing for a while, so obviously the next step was to run for president. 

I never bought it, and others should have gotten a clue when she offered South Carolina for sale to Disney.  And it has only gotten worse. 

Now that her only chance is for something to take Trump out before the nomination.  I suspect the dims don't want that as they believe they can win the election either by having a conviction or two before the election (slim possibility) or by swapping Joetato out for someone nominally less odious.  And that may well work.  In any case if Trump does exit the race or is otherwise denied the nomination Bird Brain will likely be the nominee. 

So if there are still a few bits of justice floating around she will be forgotten by election day and can join Hutchison, Christie and Pence in well-earned obscurity.  If I'm in a Dollar Tree a couple of years from now maybe I'll see some of her unsold books. 

Face it Bird Brain.  You're not that smart and like most beneficiaries of the Peter Principle you don't know it.  You actually seem to believe that you got where you did on your own merits and that's about as far from reality as you can go.  It's said that most dumb people don't know they're dumb, certainly some of them don't.  Worse you have no scruples or ethics or any other redeeming qualities. 

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MEDIA Thousands of US cities are predicted to become ghost towns by 2100: New study
Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago used data from 2000 to 2020 to predict what 2100 will look like
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H hypcryme 48 seconds ago Sooner. Infrastructure failure inside of 20 years, denizens die off from starvation, disease and internecine violence. Quite a lot of the latter already without interruptions in food, energy, etc. Reply t P Share
old.cay.guy 6 minutes ago in the last 50 years, the total US population has gone up nearly 50%. in the next 75 years they expect the US population to decrease? because where would all of these people from 30,000 cities go? Reply Share
• hypcryme Just Now Grim reaper, bountiful harvest. Reply 05 9 Share
• CaptainChillax 11 minutes ago This study on the looming ghost towns of America is a stark reminder of the consequences of unchecked liberal policies. For years, states like California and New York, bastions of progressive governance, have driven their residents away with high taxes and unaffordable living costs. The result? A mass exodus to more conservative, business-friendly states. This isn't just about population shifts; it's a clear verdict on liberal mismanagement. As we witness cities crumble under liberal rule, it's time to embrace conservative principles: fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and policies that attract, not repel, residents and businesses. The future of our cities depends on conservative leadership that prioritizes growth, stability, and prosperity for all. Reply • Lb 1 9 Share

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