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Trump year one

Wed 24 Jan 2024 07:23:23 PM CST
Since Trump's return to the White House is, unlikely as it might seem.... well destiny.  With that presumption we might as well have a little fun.  If he doesn't we have at best (something happens to him but another Republican is elected) four more years of some of the bad stuff ceasing for a while and at worst a continuation and escalation.  Which means that the patriots will be partisans behind barricades or prisoners in the gulags.  Since I'd prefer the former let's go ahead and plan on things going right. 

Let's go ahead and skip the shenanigans that occur after 5 November and plan for Mr. Trump to occupy the office as scheduled.  Not that it won't be nasty, make no mistake.  Attempts to overturn the election will actually occur this time, as in 2000 only worse.  Much worse.  But Trump does make it safely in and at that point any remaining internal threats (e.g. suborned SS types) can be removed and work can begin. 

One would hope that Mr. Trump has his administration assembled and ready to go.  So let us begin...

Fri 02 Feb 2024 01:20:51 PM CST
Since we're pesuming Mr. Trump survives everything and assumes office on 20 January 2025, what should he do first?  Getting his people in place will take a while.  An unfriendly Senate will give him grief with Cabinet appointments, but maybe he can just start firing the existing heads of departments and work down the food chain until he gets a willing tool.  The bureaucracy is so eaten up with corruption there's probably no sense in trying find an honest one.  Just find one willing to be your tool.  But in any case getting an Attorney General is very important because the Justice Department needs cleaning up and fast and because pursuit of traitors needs to get underway immediately.  Get the FBI SWAT teams going, arresting people. 

But none of that can be done in the first 24 hours.  Issuing pardons for all the Jan 6 political prisoners can be accomplished that quickly, and should be the first order of business.  Other pardons should follow, probably starting with Derek Chauvin.  If the Supreme Court eventually finds that the president can pardon state convictions he can make the Minnesomalia sentence go away as well.  Financial reparations can wait but work on that should begin immediately. 

Mon 05 Feb 2024 08:09:52 PM CST
Preparations for prosecuting the perpetrators of past crimes should also begin immediately.  The lawfare prosecutors should be among the first.  Convicting them will be difficult unless the trials are held in friendly jurisdictions.  Whether or not backed by courts this should be done even if the pretexts are flimsier than the ones being used now. 

Massive amounts of peripherally connected players should be used where necessary to cop to small offenses with promises of leniency to nail the big ones.  And the new administration should not hesitate to hold without trial for as long as needed.  There is precedent after all. 

One nominally outside the political space and deserving of prompt attention is the Southern Poverty Law Center.  This organization should be shut down once and for all and its operators given lengthy prison terms and both their assets and those of the organization should be confiscated.  The RICO statutes are best for this but other specific crimes that come to light may be prosecuted under appropriate laws.  [1]

Sat 17 Feb 2024 06:13:27 PM CST
Some things could be dispensed with quickly.  The J6 prisoners could be pardoned on day one.  Having the list drawn up and proclamations prepared could begin after 4 November or whenever the results are certin.  There will probably be a thousand or more by then but he doesn't have to stand up and read a list, although a ceremony would be nice, have some folks read off the names like the 9/11 victims.  Maybe put a picture of each on a big screen as their name is called.  The ones that died could get a special citation.  The murder victims of Jan 6 should also be memorialized in a ceremony. 

Pardoning Derek Chauvin should be the next thing.  Whether or not a president can pardon for a non-federal convition he should make the federal one go away.  Afterwards pressure on the Supreme Court (and intermediate courts) to reconsider or hear new appeals could dispense with the state setup.  And while on the subject he should have the Justice Department coming down hard on Minnesomalia.  The Muslim AG - whether or not he's still in office - should be prosecuted to the max.  The crimes are there, get them tried and him put away. 

OK, that's a good start.

[1] Biden regime uses SPLC against opponents

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