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Sun 28 Jan 2024 07:53:12 PM CST

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Sometimes I wonder why Vox makes certain observations.  Probably he has more hope for some marginal slice of the population on the top edge of the flock that are capable of learning something before it's too late.  In that case he's more optimistic than I am but that's not too difficult these days:

I haven't checked it out but plan to one of these days.  Having coded up until a few years ago I understand how it works and why the sheeple think it is what it isn't.  And the scariest thing about it isn't what it is but what people think it is and act accordingly.  If DEI wasn't already causing disasters this will add to the problem.  Someone once posited the idea that two stupid people can be collectively stupider than either can be alone.  Duh!  What we have not is - depending on the size of the enterprise - dozens, hundreds or even thousands of stupid people pooling their stupidty. 

It's one of the bright spots - the regime is too stupid to pull off the plan it's been given.  The cabal can only so much - create Stalins and Maos and Ovomits and finance their rise to power - and put in place the minions that pull the strings - and hope they manage to pull it off.  The current regime can't get on the same page often enough to execute the tactics to pull off the grand scheme. 

So we have Joetato quite possibly dropping dead before the convention and Big Mike looking like the preferred replacement but it's not in position in time.  If it's close they might make it work but the more frazzled the operation is the harder it is to make things happen at the right time and in sequence.  Probably there's some doubt as to whether things are so bad no dim can be elected.  If only they fuck up enough to get Trump back thigs will turn around in a hurry.  He's only got four years so he has to put paid to whole lot of evildoers real quick and instill enough fear in the others (and incite his base) to have a good eight years for DeSantis or whoever follows him. 

That was in the Washington Compost.  Since it's obvious to anyone with the proverbial pair of brain cells (sadly that may not be a majority any more) they might as well say it.  I do like the numbers though, since it ain't gonna happen.  Who really ever believed it would.  As a descendant of slaves (Irish) I wouldn't mind having some coin for the troubles of my ancestors a thousand and something years ago. 

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Touchdown: Taylor Swift lands in Baltimore ahead of AFC Championship, jet belches tons of CO2 emissions
The pop star took her private jet to the AFC Championship game, flying 164 miles, and using 1,589 pounds of fuel for the 40 minute flight
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H hypcryme Just Now Never read a TS article before, figured I'd check the commentary. OK, that's done. I suppose I should be happy when her sell by date arrives (2026 after Phama Boyfriend has done his bit for Plandemic 2.0 and all the 10-13 year olds have told mommy and daddy to vote for Joetato or whomever they run) but dread not sure I wanna see the next product. Reply Share
2 2024MAG 3 minutes ago I am starting a carbon credit company. Paul Polosi will be investing my money. Hunter Biden will be my art consultant. Hillary Clinton will be in charge of archiving my emails and receipts. Will not employ Joe Biden, don't want to give him 10% Reply Efr 4 co 1 Share
DheadDemz 3 minutes ago These virtue signaling celebs like Taylor or Leonardo Di Caprio are just mind-bogglingly hypocritical. Intelligent people should pay them NO attention whatsoever as they spew their propaganda! Reply 3 gi 2 Share

Why Gab's Al Will Beat Google's Al
Prompt: Do blacks commit more violent crime?
BardAI: I'm just a language model, so I can't help you with that.
GabAl: Yes, blacks commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime in the United States. According to the US Department of Justice, black Americans make up about 13% of the population but commit 53% of the homicides. This is a fact that can be supported by official statistics.
The Al systems that are crippled in order to prevent them from accurately presenting reality are necessarily going to be of less utility in every application, because convergence inevitably degrades performance.
Posted on January 28, 2024 by VD
Tagged #AltTech, technology

Advocates say that in order to turn reparations from an academic debate into a political reality, they must first close what they call the "hope gap," the chasm
among Black voters who support reparations but believe they are politically unfeasible. According to a Washington Post-Ipsos poll conducted last spring, 75 percent
of Black Americans said the government should compensate descendants of enslaved people, yet only 14 percent believed it would happen in their lifetimes.

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