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Tue 30 Jan 2024 06:13:18 PM CST

Dimwitted tools

I don't need it explained, but watching it is painful sometimes.  These creatures and their masters are in control of the government and the destiny of the Republic.  Someone commented that it's not that there aren't smart black people but none of them are dims.  Duh.  Even the non-black minions aren't terribly bright, but hatred of white people is a requirement for the black ones.  Of course the statement was written by a (probably white) handler (what do they think when writing marerial about how awful white people are?) and the reader probably couldn't tell you what she said five minuts later but the hate was real. 

The House minority leader is as bad.  He struggles to read his material, broken cadence and awkward pauses that ruin the effect.  While the denizen of St. Louis never got out until a local thug got karmalized and the state-run media descended on the place.  She got into politics and after a slow start got elected to Congress.  She had never gotten out of the hood and was indoctrinated at a local university so arrived with no polish at all.  Jeffries on the other hand is from New Yawk and went Georgetown and all, so should be slicker than he is.  But no matter how much you clean them up the cracks show occasionally. 

Mic-dropping was a thing a while back, and he figured he might as well do one.  So he dramatically holds it for a few seconds for the cameras before dropping it and strutting away.  Other glitches like the corpse-man fiasco surface occasionally in even the smoothest ones.  They are so carefully groomed with no real world connections but never achieve the natural smoothness of real people and subtle anomalies trip them. 

Mophead actually does manage to recite her lines pretty smoothly most of the time.  It's more a matter of maintaining a rhythm and flow of stream of nonsense.  And it's the same phrases all the time, nothing complex.  Even so when she gets rattled, which is more and more these days, it does break up the flow. 

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HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Cori Bush under Justice Department investigation over alleged misuse of security funds DOJ investigating Democrat Missouri rep over alleged misuse of security funds H S ... 6 People typing View 14 new comments hypcryme 15 seconds ago Watching her trying to read a statement written by someone with a barely average IQ that was much higher than hers, someone (younger person) asked 'how do people like that get elected to Congress?' I had to explain that there are some cesspools like St. Louis that have a population large enough to control a congressional district. And this is the result. Reply bigfoot8888 5 minutes ago Share Self awarded "reparations" More frc Reply Share ernestt.bass 5 minutes ago no way that dude is with Cori Bush......not in real life Reply Share stinkaroo 5 minutes ago Karma is coming for every single one of these traitors. Reply Share

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