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Thu 01 Feb 2024 09:52:11 PM CST

Oh well

Fox news had an article, proving that no one is too insignificant.  This woman was married to the dim governor of Missouri, then he ran for the Senate as governors often do, seeing as if your state elected you governor they probably will elect you to the Senate.  So off he goes for the big one, the most lucrative position most can realistically expect.  Of course the presidency is always in their mind, and seemingly almost all believe they can attain it.  But Carnahan didn't get that far.  During the campaign he perished in a plane crash. 

It worked better for him than that other dude, or for the dims anyway.  When Wellstone perished in an aviation mishap just before the election his supporters put on such a disgusting display that the Republican challenger won.  Carnahan was elected, apparently the first dead person ever elected to the Senate.  As many dim voters are dead why not?  So his wife got appointed by the governor to replace him, got the whole six years. 

Which was all she got.  Defeated by a Republican next time around.  Missouri was going that way.  She was pretty disgusting herself, a dedicated tool of the party, delivering the scripted attacks on Bush 43 and his administration.  Really unpleasant, and after being booted from the Senate she spent her time attacking Republicans and wrote some books that may have ended up at Dollar Tree, or maybe didn't even rate that. 

She died the other day.  Happens to us all, when conservatives die they get attacked as much after their death as in life.  Reagan is hated by commies who weren't born when he was president.  Conservatives don't do that to commies, but there must be times when we're tempted. 

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Jean Carnahan, Missouri's first female U.S. senator, dies
at 90: 'A fearless trailblazer'
Jean Carnahan's family called her 'brilliant, creative [and] compassionate'
20 seconds ago
Her husband was a dim senator, got kilt in a plane crash while campaigning for yet another term. Governor appointed her to fill his seat for the remainder of his term, she was defeated by a Republican in the next election. She continued to be a leftist agitator, continuing his legacy of attempting to destroy the Republic. Too bad she won't live to see Joetato kicked out this year and sent to prison next year. Enough troll bait for you?
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1967WhitePontiac GTO
6 hours ago
Right before I die, I will become a liberal democrat.
Better that one of them dies than a conservative.
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1967WhitePontiac GTO
6 hours ago
Jean Carnahan was in the U.S. Senate from Jan. 3, 2001 to Nov. 25, 2002.
She ascended to the position after her husband Mel was elected posthumously in 2000.
The democrats elected a dead man?
He may have had more intelligence that the living ones.
6 hours ago
Jean Carnahan's family called her 'brilliant, creative [and] compassionate' I'll call her one more dead democrat voting for PinocchiJoe!

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