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Fri 09 Feb 2024 11:45:05 AM CST

At least he didn't...

call anyone a dog-faced pony soldier.  He did wig out though, not five minutes in.  Whatever they use to keep him going relatively straight for the few minutes of a rant seems to not be lasting as long.  Why they did it would be a goog question.  It was hardly needed, the whitewash of his classified material debacle was a done deal from day one, had the regime not called attention to it there would have been almost no attention paid to it.  Maybe some of his handlers figured the opportunity to attack Trump shouldn't be wasted. 

Could be they're making it appear he will be the candidate for as long as possible, until it drops at the convention or whenever.  The less time for Republicans to react the better.  The fact that statistically he could assume room temperature in the next hour seems not to enter their thinking. 

Meanwhile the Tucker Carlson interview with Putin was dropping.  Putin is pretty obviously not a real warm fuzzy cuddly fellow, one can hardly be the Russian boss and be nice at the same time.  But Putin observes correctly that competing with the western hegemony in war propaganda is impossible to say the least.  Putin is more like a Cosa Nostra boss, dealing decisively with internal threats real or perceived but not involving outsiders.  The American mob generally has always kept the killing internal, avoiding innocent bystanders.  The western cabal will cheerfully destroy entire nations and populations of millions with its meddling. 

The Nordstream affair?  Well, Joetato let slip that the operation was planned long before it happened and after the attack a tool of the U.S. State Department publicly boasted of the successful attack.  Well gee, Idunno.  Yeah, that's a Tass link but the stuff was reported in 'mainstream' western media and thus is subject to being memory-holed. 

Putin spent several minutes presenting historical context back to the first millenium while Joetato struggled through about three to four minutes of nominally coherent speech before disintegrating into hysterical yelling. 

Talk now is that the dims are looking to dump him even before the convention.  Maybe the word from backstage is he's close to assuming room temperature of at least going into a coma before whatever they had in mind can be set up. 

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Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey nominates former romantic partner to state's high court
If approved, Massachusetts Appeals Court Associate Justice Gabrielle R. Wolohojian would serve on Supreme Judicial
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One of the reasons homosexuals were banned in most military forces. Individually they don't cause much trouble and usually perform as well as normal personnel. When you get more than one in the same place it degrades cohesion. Which is one of the reasons it's now allowed in US forces, the degradation being the idea. Spent a few years in a personnel unit back in the day, could tell you some stories.
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4 minutes ago
They are taking over right under our nose. Buckle up.
34 seconds ago
u're right!
4 minutes ago
If they don't approve the nomination they will be accused of being homophobes. It will be approved
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TUCKER CARLSON: Who blew up Nordstream?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Of course you are. (Laughter.)

TUCKER CARLSON: I was busy at that day. I did not blow up Nord Stream.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: You personally can be, have an alibi, but the CIA [CIA] there is no such alibi.

TUCKER CARLSON: Do you have evidence that NATO or the CIA did it?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know I won't go into details, but always in such cases they say: look for someone who is interested. But in this case it is necessary look not only for someone who is interested, but also for someone who can do this. Because there can be many interested, but climb to the bottom of the Baltic seas and not everyone can carry out this explosion. These two components must be connected: who is interested and who can.

TUCKER CARLSON: But I'm not quite I understand. This is the largest act of industrial terrorism in history and, more the largest CO emission, into the atmosphere. But taking into account the fact that you have evidence from your special services, why you will not present such evidence and do not win this war propaganda?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: In war propaganda it's very difficult to defeat the United States, therefore that the United States controls all world media and so many European ones. End Beneficiary the largest European media are American funds. Do you know this? Therefore, you can get involved in this work, but this, as they say, is more expensive for yourself. We can just we will not achieve our sources of information, but we will not achieve the result. To the whole world and so it's clear what happened, and even American analysts are talking about it directly. Truth.

TUCKER CARLSON: Yes, but here is the question - you worked in Germany, it is well known, and the Germans clearly understand that their NATO partners are did, of course, it struck the economy of Germany, - why then the Germans are silent? This confuses me: why did the Germans say nothing on this issue?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: It surprises me too. But today's German leadership is not guided national interests, and guided by interests of the collective West, otherwise difficult explain the logic of their actions or inaction. After all, it's not only << North Stream - 1 »>, which blew up. <> damaged, but one pipe is alive and well, and gas can be supplied to Europe, but Germany does not open it. We are ready, please.

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