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Probably about the same time.... well, lessee.  Maybe when they get tired of illegals murdering citiens.  Black-on-white hate crimes is a bigger problem in numbers, white including Jewish.  Black-on-Asian hate crime is pretty serious as well. 

State-run media naturally reports alleged black vicims of hate crimes as being more common than white, Jewish or Asian.  The fact that almost every alleged black hate crime turns out to be a hoax doesn't bother them.  Or does, so that they continue the campaign of lies. 

The good and decent people ignore this at their peril.  The culturing of a massive population of defective people for political gain is as much an offense against a class of people as any of the other crimes of the regime.  A black man of my acquaintence (I do know a few) who is a retired military NCO (Vietnam era) and later police officer has a local talk show in a large city and regularly engages callers black, white and whatever - some identify themselves as black, most others don't - who argue both sides.  He tells the ones who emit anti-white antipathy that he is distressed to say that 90% of his own race is worthless. 

Not so much that they have not so much been made that way as that the responsible members of the race are penalized as people of any other race who choose to be decent and responsible (mainly taxes which reduce their propagation rate to whatever the average birth rate is) and do not propagate as prolifically as the ones who are part of the underclass.  Thus the populations of the cesspools increases at a rate two to three times that of the non-parasite population.  It is now spilling out - has been for a while - into the suburbs and small towns and the normal people who just want to be left alone aren't being left alone any longer.  As long as that population is not united and willing to pay back in kind it will only get worse. 

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Why are people tuning in to this year's Super Bowl? Many
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say it's not to watch the game
NFL fans and Taylor Swift fans clash over Super Bowl XVIII: 'Let her be'
The swift product was modified to include Pharma Boy Kelce to help the NFL (among other things - see what happens as the election approaches) and it worked. I used to do Indy every couple of years at least, up until AJ Foyt retired. Very few of the people at Indy cared about the race, it was the thing to do. I didn't care much for the alleged race either but most of the people I hung with wanted to go and the partying was pretty good.
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3 hours ago
Kansas City has become the Kardashians of the NFL. Not interested.
4 hours ago
Games over move on!!!
7 hours ago
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There hasn't been anything worth watching a pro-football game for in over a decade.
I get my football from colleges.
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