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Fri 16 Feb 2024 11:52:33 AM CST

More Fat Fanny
Yesterday's performance couldn't have been planned so as to make it better.  Maybe the judge could have refrained from trying to save Fat Fanny from herself, not that that is possible.  That travesty of humanity, while typical of that ilk, was worse than most.  What wearing her dress backward signifies.... probably nothing beyond a low level of cognizanze generally.  Telling lie after after provable lie, self-incriminating (the judge attempted to mitigate by stopping her) repeatedly, there is enough there to put both her and her co-conspirator behind bars for a good while was hilarious yet serious knowing that neither is likely to be held accountable.  It's possible that the Georgia AG may charge her but not if the RINO governor has anthing to say about it.  The AG is elected and thus technically not accountable to the governor but Georgia politics sadly is what it is.  Maybe things will change and the two cretins will have to pay up. 

The audio-visual demonstration could not have been much more stark.  Leave race out it, never mind that the entire matter is racial at this level.  To be sure Fat Fanny is a tool of the regime and the objective it to neutralize Donald Trump but her willingness to be a tool is motivated as much by hatred for white people as by greed.  And leave out appearance generally - Fanny could drop a hundred pounds and clean up a bit but it wouldn't change what is inside.  Ashleigh Merchant (a lawyer with an impressive record in actual legal proceedings) being a very attractive woman has nothing to do with it, she spoke clearly and articulately while Fanny rambled and almost immediatly lapsed into ghetto vernacular. 

Both she and her co-conspirator rambled and had long pauses before answering questions, clearly trying to remember and the their stories straight.  You could almost see the gears turning...slowly.  Neither ever expected to be challenged even if their misdeeds were known and were comletely unprepared.  Not that you can prepare enough to get out of that tangled web.  As an apparently experienced criminal told someone planning a murder:

...any time you try a decent crime, you got fifty ways you're gonna fuck up.  If you think of twenty-five of them, then you're a genius - and you ain't no genius.

The only problem is there is a shortage of justice.  Most of the crimes of the regime will never be prosecuted unless there is a change in at least the executice branch.  I believe that if elected (and manages to stay alive) will put a lot of these people away.  If the courts obstruct - and many will - he must ignore them.  It might require firing a lot of FBI, U.S. Marshals and other types and replacing them with those willing to do the job but this must be cleaned up if the Republic is to survive. 

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Texas father detained in Russia sentenced to 21 years in penal colony despite 'almost no evidence'

David Barnes was convicted on charges that US investigators found not to be credible



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Derek Chauvin was interned for 22 years in a U.S. penal colony on zero evidence, while the evidence refuting the charges was suppressed by the regime. At least he will be pardoned by President Trump. He'll write books, be the subject of movies, an have a pretty decent life. George Fentanyl Floyd on the other hand....

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3 minutes ago

People will not learn. There are certain places on Earth that Americans should just stay away from. Reply



3 minutes ago

He was foolish to go to Russia. Bad news.




4 minutes ago

Maybe think twice about marrying a foreigner.

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