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Mon 19 Feb 2024 10:38:19 AM CST

Odds and sods
The RCC must be as disordered as the federal regime is under Joetato and his handlers.  Did no one at the NY branch believe something like this wouldn't happen?  I seem to remember a former archbishop who was nearing end-of-life saying that he didn't want Slick Willie anywhere near his funeral.  Bubba went anyway.  But whatever the baggage of his religion he and others of the era pretended to some degree of decency.  Even if they occasionally honored a Cosa Nostra boss with a fancy sendoff.  Presumably money was a factor.  Still, even with the head man compromised as he is this sort of thing looks bad. 

After reading descriptions of this thing a few times I still don't know if it was male or female.  Wickedpedia refers to it as she:

Gentili died at her home in Brooklyn on February 6, 2024, at the age of 52.  Tributes to her were posted by GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis, deputy director for Transgender Justice with the ACLU National LGBT & HIV Project's Chase Strangio, New York Governor Kathy Hochul, Callen-Lorde's CEO, Patrick McGovern, New York State Senator Brad Hoylman, and fellow actors on Pose such as Angelica Ross and MJ Rodriguez.  On February 15, a funeral for Gentili was held at St. Patrick's Cathedral. 

OK, it seems it was biologically female but indulged in some trannyism some.  I had thought maybe she was male and had AIDS since that is - even today - not uncommon among homosexuals.  Along with other diseases mostly connected with their sexual predilections.  Okey-dokey.  Anyway the funeral was a celebration of deviancy that disgusted so many people that the church ordered a Mass of Reparation.  Whatever. 

Nikki Strangelove criticized former (more than she will ever be) President Trump for not jumping on the Navalny bandwagon.  Of course she was right on it, but I don't see where she got upset about the American citizen who died in a Ukrainian gulag a few days ago.  I would be surprised if she even knew about it, as her handlers wouldn't have found it useful - quite the opposite.  I suspect that the bird-brain will be on a third party ticket, maybe the No Labels, just to make sure Trump doesn't get elected.  Seeing as how the regime made Manchin an offer he couldn't refuse.  RFK is another matter - if he looks to actually pull more dim votes than from Trump he will get the other option.  One wonders if the regime refusing to provide SS security is a good idea - that would give them easy access to do the deed.  No doubt there are by now plenty of SS agents willing to do it.  Make it look like an accident, heart attack, whatever. 

As for Putin doing away with Navalny it seems like a no-brainer, even if it would seem Putin didn't need to kill him since he was already locked up.  Idunno, maybe it was him working with the NATO folks to foment revolution that sealed his fate.  Like Elizabeth with Mary effectively her prisoner (maybe she should have physically locked her up) and continuing to plot against her.  Elizabeth is reported to have said "strike or be struck" before allowing the execution to go ahead.  So may be Putin did order him terminated, or over-eager minions did it.  Or someone on the Ukrainian side (their cabal allies?) decided he would be more useful dead than alive.  Political prisoners are fine but sometimes there's more mileage in martyrs. 

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Fani Willis was 'out-trumping' Trump during 'mind- blowing' testimony, says Turley

Turley says it was 'striking' to see Willis attack counsel, call them 'liars' on witness stand

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Sub-average intelligence tools like Fat Fanny and Fat Alvin in NY have been placed in positions of power over intelligent and industrious people who created the civilization that they are privileged to live in. Unable to appreciate or even comprehend that level of achievement they resent it and hate those very people who (through confiscatory taxes) make their lives possible. Seeing that they hate and want to destroy it.



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How dare you question a proud woman of color! Say it with the attitude of someone with a job because of affirmative action.




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And a law degree from Emory University lol. SMH





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Watched and listen to the entire episode...her cavalier combative demeanor was abhorrent as it was disrespectful and disgusting. This hyper partisan DA should face disbarment proceedings for her bad behavior in that courtroom.

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