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Fri 23 Feb 2024 10:53:25 AM CST : 1708707205

Barbie sanctions godzilla
Somehow I don't imagine the Russians feel hit very hard.  If they feel anything at all.  Putin is laughing his arse off, sadly we the people are paying the price for our evil masters.  I suppose it all depends on whether Trump wins and puts an end to the foolishness.  If not we're likely to see - as with Vietnam - the 'advisers' in Ukraine followed by boots on the ground. 

If Trump is not the next president all bets are off anyway.  The demorroids seem not to have any coherent strategy, but under the right - for us wrong - conditions always playing it by ear works, for a while.  It may work long enough to have another dim in the Oval Office.  Who it is hardly matters, even in the unlikely scenario of a dim president with one or even both houses of Congress controlled by Republicans nothing will change.  Rule by executive fiat has been firmly established and resistance is futile. 

Another dim president - Joetato, Gruesome, anyone - will do the bidding of the neocons and globalists.  That would certainly lead to regular forces in Ukraine.  Given the condition of the armed forces Vietnam (and Afghanistan) will seem to be acts of genius by comparison.  The peak level of troops in Vietnam was over a half million, a couple hundred thousand in Afghanistan, the numbers just aren't there.  So the draft comes back. 

Right off the bat they go in with a compromised force.  With the good men purged by politics since Slick Willie (officers) and the Plandemic and wokeism (enlisted) they will take a beating.  Of course if they've been sufficiently deranged to engage the Russians there's no telling what they may do.  Tactical nukes?  When you're dealing with people who are both low intelligence and evil and are divorced from reality the results are quite predictable.  They'll go in unaware of how compromised the US forces are by corruption and depletion of resources by the Ukraine war. 

Nevertheless they will try, and at some point conscription returns.  For practical reasons as well as political the draft 'lottery' will fall mostly on the red states.  First because they want the men dying to be from the opposing political camp but because the quality of the pool in the blue cesspools is so abysmal.  But it may be that this time the draft dodgers will be different - not leftist hippies but young men from the rural and small towns and cities.  The same ones who are now advising their sons against enlisting will support them when they refuse to submit to the draft - the opposite of Vietnam. 

They may find fewer addresses to send notices to.  The only penalty for not registering is not being able to have a federal job, and who wants that?  I personally know a few dozen families with second-generation home-schooled kids who are 18 and up and have not registered and don't plan to.  Probably out of the ones who do register they will find sufficient numbers and it will only be when the planeloads of coffins are coming in that some people wake up. 

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Charlotte police ID 8 arrested, released after African cultural event devolved into riot, tractor-trailer fire
Eritrean event protesters allegedly attacked officers, set a tractor-trailer ablaze in North Carolina's largest city
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1 minute ago
Nesa Tesfay, Haile Tsaeda, Gebrehiwot Adhanom, Luwam Tewelde, Weldegiorgis Petros, Semer Keflay,
Girmay Dawit, Efrem Michael.
Okey-dokey. Import the third world, become the third world.
9 minutes ago
African cultural event. That sounds like something to avoid.
12 minutes ago
OMG. What have we done to this once great Country.
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13 minutes ago
Happy to hear that police in some part of our country know how to handle illegal demonstrations.
14 minutes ago
Sounds very African.

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