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Off the deep end
Neocon Nikki Strangelove has finally lost what little of whatever it she ever had.  One might say there's no it there.  I can honestly say I never bought her act for a minute.  OK, maybe a minute or two.  Picked by the Republican establishment in South Carolina because of her sex and ethnicity as Republicans never can seem to figure out they can't out-diversify the enemy.  Even had she been the correct type of black instead of Ethiopian and not a Jew the locals would have voted for a white guy of either party instead of her.  Who are the racists here?  They elected Santos so...  

So Haley was handily elected governor of South Carolina because of the Republican-dominated electorate.  In such states Republicans automagically check the R box regardless of the name, and often knowing little or nothing about the candidate.  Sadly not as reliably as dims but it works in the red states.  As governor she was unspectacular and was selected by Trump for the UN ambassador on the advice of what proved to be mostly some pretty bad advisers.  A presidential appointment to any significant position is an opening to the big leagues. 

Since Trump was removed in the 2020 coup she had no political sugar daddy and decided to for the big prize.  Whether she was sufficiently delusional at the time to believe she could to it I dunno.  She very likely believed that with the right people and money behind her she could. 

She was probably reasonably attractive twenty years ago but that's gone.  Her speech has always been at best subpar for politics, say college kid level.  I'm reminded of high school student council speeches when I hear her.  More recently she reminds me of Shrillary .  She is on the edge of shrill if not over it, and the enunciation - as speaking to children - is similar. 

Given my assessment of her intellect (somewhere near dead average) she may or man not believe she can be at least nominated in 2028, assuming she actually realizes her chances for being Trump's VP pick or having some role in a Trump administration is in negative territory.  Not that it will matter who the Republican candidate in 2028 is.  If there is an election.  If Trump is successfully blocked again the Republic is over, and whether or not the regime allows elections is up to them.  My guess is they won't. 

In any case she has made her bones with the establishment and will be financially secure.  Corporate board seats, university positions, commentator on the state-run media outlets, the lecture circuit - political failure can be quite lucrative.  And for sure there'll be a Dollar Tree best-seller or two.

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T RUSSIA Putin's 'greatest hits': Russian dissidents continue disappearing in pattern of bizarre deaths Several major dissidents, including politicians and journalists, have died in unsolved cases hypcryme Correction on Nalvany. Putin had him locked up and no need to kill him even if he was a CIA/MI6 asset. Tucker's interview with Putin was more influential than a year of propaganda from the state-run media so guess what? Sacrifice one of their own, he's more useful as a martyr than a prisoner. Reply 凸印 Share QuitBeingaBitch 4 minutes ago Russia has Putin. We have the Clinton's. Reply 凸印 G Share guiltyuntilproveninnocent948 2 minutes ago we have the democrats Reply P Share bowsprit 5 minutes ago Putin's getting close to matching the Clinton's!!! Reply BP Share ThePragmaticCurmudgeon 5 minutes ago Cool! Now do one on the Clintons! Reply 凸印 Share totochaos 5 minutes ago A fatal combination of clumsiness and bad luck. Reply 凸印 Share D DEMOCRATSareSTUPID445 6 minutes ago At least he tries to hide it unlike our government that shoots unarmed female veterans in cold blood in public then sweeps it under the rug Reply Share

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