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Were you expecting....
a different result?  SCOTUS just knocked down the attempts of several states to remove Trump from the primary ballots in said states.  This was never more than some remoras reaching for scraps dropped by the shark that is the cabal machinery for saving themselves from another Trump presidency.  My favorite is probably the valley girl judge in Maine, but valgal speech is so pervasive in supposedly adult discourse (the Iheart commercials are maximum cringe) apparently in an attempt to appeal to millennials.  This broad is almost fifty and looks nothing an actually valgal, as the general idea being that they are young, attractive and barely sentient.  This one doesn't have the looks and never did.  Dumb?   Yeah.  

Nikki Strangelove was at least once reasonably attractive.  Actually it was what got her chosen by the South Carolina Republicans for what they figured would be a cool governor - young attractive less-white female.  Clueless as Republicans are they rarely go so far as to select an Afram .  They have to make it on their own, as Tim Scott did.  He was appointed to fill a vacated Senate seat but had already been elected to a House seat on his own merits and won his subsequent elections.  It seems at times that Republicans are as uncomfortable with successful black politicians as dims are albeit for different reasons. 

Anyway her looks went fast and her intellectual vacuousness was revealed (for those of us that hadn't already seen it) as she decided to go for the big prize.  Her betrayal of her biggest benefactor didn't sit well with Trump's very solid base and without the left pouring money into her campaign she would have vanished along with those other guys, Pence, Hutchinson, and probably one or two even I've forgotten.  DeSantis is both smart and principled and got out gracefully and went back to govern Florida for a few more years, something Florida needs.  And he remains a very viable candidate for a successor to Trump. 

The 9-0 was expected by most but I wouldn't have put money on it.  The three commie tools went along with the majority but while Kagan and Sodameyer were relatively easy to predict once the majority was clear but the third one, I always forget her name (or if it's a her) but it has a hyphen.  If the puppet masters had really wanted to rub it in they'd have done with something like Ta'Kiya Ashuntice Brown-Jackson.  She may well have required some persuasion from her two colleagues. 

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AG Garland pledges to fight voter ID laws, election
integrity measures
Garland appeared in Selma, Alabama Sunday alongside Vice President to mark the 59th anniversary of Blood Sunday
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Of all the people who are worried about Trump being elected again this guy is seriously terrified. He will wreak some serious vengeance no doubt, but can you see Meritless Garland yanked out of his house in his underwear by a SWAT team. And he's not old and decrepit enough to drop dead real soon like Joetato so he can do some prison time. Once the failed attempts to prevent Trump from taking office after his 300+ win, get the popcorn.
4 minutes ago
Garland wants the illegals to vote. I am an American and I say NO
4 minutes ago
The democrats must have a reason why they are so against voter integrity measures and its not that it is
Get the la campaigr more Fox
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