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As Reverend Mother Mohiam said of her black box, there are some who'd like to know its secret.  The chemical cocktail that keeps Joetato going for that long could be useful.  Whatever it is they juiced him pretty good last night.  I suppose something that can temporarily make the rotted brain function somewhere near its former level (Joetato was never that bright) could be worth investigating.  My recent thinking on his behavior is that he fears his inevitable death.
Eighty years, ninety or more, your life will soon be over no matter what is done. Why try to keep it going just a little longer? If you're one of those people who has lived a life of abject evil, as if you believe there is no afterlife with the possibility of punishment, it just might that as the end nears you know you were wrong. But as the darkness closes in you know. You know the awful truth of what awaits you. -- Queso Catilinus
I'm inclined to concur with Queso on the idea that people like Joetato are what I call a practical atheist.  There are various types, some that merely profess to disbelieve as an act of rebellion against what they know exists, others that actually do not believe or especially disbelieve (more like agnostics) and and nihilists and such, but human beings are designed to survive.  So we don't want to die, except for deranged persons.  And my suspicion about people like 'tater is that they believe until the end that they won't die.  It's not as weird as it might seem to regular people:
Everybody has got to die, but I have always believed an exception would be made in my case.  Now what? -- William Saroyan
I can see it.  You've lived a life you could have never achieved on your own merit by being a willing tool of evil people.  Whether you're a president or Supreme Court justice or a mega-entertainer, you did the bidding of your dark master in return for an earthly life of luxury.  Wealth and privilege and adulation of millions, never mind that that the millions of adulaters are largely devoid of any redeeming value.  They have money and worship, and that's what you want. 

But time goes by and the end approaches.  And as the darkness closes in, as Queso says, you know what somewhere inside you always knew.  I wonder if some shred of conscience asks you then, did you really think you were going to get away with it? 

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Biden slams Trump multiple times in State of the Union
Biden did not mention former President Donald Trump by name, referrring to him as 'my predecessor'
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I am encouraged. My only worry was that Joetato would not make it through and he was messed up but he remained vertical and angrily shouting. Very likely his masters will decide he is viable for the election and not replace him. The biggest danger now is having him expire before the election and they replace him. He's already an order of magnitude or two beyond Carter and Trump will win so big all the fraud in the world won't save him. There is much to do but in the first 100 days he should have letisha, fat alvin, fat fanny and that judge that looks like a corpse dragged off to the gulag. Trolls, knock yourselves out. Literally.
4 minutes ago
Don't believe your lying eyes. America is prospering and I don't care what it costs your family. Reply 11. Share

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