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The other day I looked a Wickedpedia article entitled "List of unarmed African Americans killed by law enforcement officers in the United States" and wondered if there was any correlation between the trend of the weird name trend and being killed by police while committing crimes.  It's hard to say due to other factors which are at least equally difficult to figure.  And the engineered inaccuracy of the wicked people have to be accounted for, for example many of the supposedly unarmed deceased perps were in fact armed. 

2000 - 2009 (26 2.6)

Adrena Bilal Dashawn Charmene Trey Antuan Marquis
Charquissa Ousmane Deondre Jahar D'Koy
Jashon Erson Levelt Antjuan Jerriel Da'Shawn
DeAunta Khiel Tarika Xavier Artavious
Andre DeMon Dontaze Domonick Shatona Darrick

2010–2013 (20 5.0)

Aiyana Trevon Damon Lamont Jamail Darius
Stanley Ariston Ramarley Marquez Shereese
Rekia Kendrec Anton Shantel Cjavar
Jamaal Jayvis Kimani Dainell Dontrell

2014 (7 7.0)

Deandre Dontre Briatay Lashano Tamir

2015 (7 7.0)

Artago Calvon Naeschylus D'Angelo Jonathan
Darrius Tanisha

2016 (8 8.0))

Calin Devonte Demarcus Ashtian Deravis Delrawn
Dalvin Sylville Levonia

2017 (5 5.0)

Deaundre Quanice Alteria Tashii Eurie

2018 (10 10.0)

Crystalline Darion Saheed Diante Juan Markee
Keeven Dujuan Rashaun Chinedu De’Andre

2019 (5 5.0)

Jameek D'Ettrick Javier D'Juantez Tymar

2020 (4 4.0)

Kwame Jaquyn Ammir Marcellis

2021 (9 9.0)

Akeem Jenoah Daverion Daunte Lindani
La'Mello Latoya Renardo Quadry

2022 (9 9.0)

Dyonta Tyrea Jalen Jayland J'avarion
Nasanto Maalik Marando Ki'Azia

2023 (9 9.0)

Delaneo Jamarr Jarveon Jawan Jaquan
Kyeiree Ta'Kiya Darcel LaVaughn Breonte

Not knowing the percentage of the under-30 population with those types of name is also a problem, there certainly are a lot more than there were a couple of decades ago.  Probably the tendency to use those names is stronger in the underclass where most criminals are spawned.  An Afram family of gainfully employed citizens is less likely to give their children names that will stigmatize them when they go to look for a job but those in the parasite class not only don't consider their offspring being gainfully employed any more than they themselves are.  Frank and Josephine, even if they are a factory worker and a bank teller usually would like for their children to have the opportunity to do better, as Medical Industry professionals or IT techs or whatever and saddling them with names like J'avarion and Charquissa isn't going to improve their prospects. 

Call it prejudice if you like but everyone is prejudiced to some degree against someone or something or other, and there are people who will tell you that they will discard employment applications with such names on them not because the applicant is probably black but because the name demonstrates hostility towards non-black people.  An applicant with such a name may be rejected by a black employer who doesn't want discord in the workplace.  I know because I've seen it - a black man named Frank will call an applicant named Henry or Michael without caring what color they may be, but one that has a name intended to divide is more likely to be trouble because of his attitude, not his skin color. 

Interestingly people of Asian ancestry after a generation or two usually have anglicized first names, and I have known quite a few.  An employer will guess that Marvin Sakomoto and Jeffrey Yamada are pretty likely to have Japanese ancestors, but will not hesitate to call them if their qualifications seem appropriate, and quintessential Jewish names don't deter employers.  Obviously there are a handful of people who don't like people of other races, ethnicities, religions, etc. but there are few that are hiring people to work for them. 

People generally can't change their names until they're adults, and by then the people with those names will by then already have lived in that environment long enough that change is difficult.  Still to those who do want out of that environment can improve their chances by being rid of that handicap.  If La'Mello Johnson became Robert Johnson it could make a big difference. 

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Charlotte police ID 8 arrested, released after African cultural event devolved into riot, tractor-trailer fire
Eritrean event protesters allegedly attacked officers, set a tractor-trailer ablaze in North Carolina's largest city
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Nesa Tesfay, Haile Tsaeda, Gebrehiwot Adhanom, Luwam Tewelde, Weldegiorgis Petros, Semer Keflay,
Girmay Dawit, Efrem Michael.
Okey-dokey. Import the third world, become the third world.
9 minutes ago
African cultural event. That sounds like something to avoid.
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OMG. What have we done to this once great Country.
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Happy to hear that police in some part of our country know how to handle illegal demonstrations.
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Sounds very African.

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