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I said some time ago and so did a lot of others they're not even trying to pretend anymore. When a whistleblower is iced in the middle of Congressional testimony (they did shoot him in the parking lot during a break) it might be panic but more likely it was deliberately done that way to make sure there are no more whistleblowers. On Boeing or anything else. Especially anythings of the else type.

So when this dude gets it in one of those more subtle ones, where the Gestapo comes to your house and shoots you, all I wondered was if him being associated with the Slick Willie National Airport. Arkansas apparently doesn't have an international airport. Flew out of there maybe twice or three times, once when I was going to Lackland Air Force Base for basic training. But I digress.

It wasn't an old fat cripple this time, a nobody that nobody would miss, this guy was an executive making a quarter million a year and apparently a pretty normal guy as far as anyone knew. Whether the real story will get out is anyone's guess, Arkansas is seriously dirty. People that will put two teenage boys on railroad tracks because they saw something they shouldn't have will do about anything.

This was the feds though, so apparently he was inconvenient for some other than a hick wannabe president. Anyway it should dissuade people thinking about kicking back against the regime. Not that he necessarily did anything, maybe he just knew too much.

In which case folks like this guy ought to be careful. He was being pretty ballsy today and made some of the kinds of people mad that you don't want mad at you. If Trump wins and survives winning maybe things will improve, if not the body count is going to go up fast next year.

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Teen dead after shooting in Fairfax County, gunman still at large: police
The deputy police chief said officers were distressed to be at such a 'tragic scene'
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H hypcryme 27 seconds ago Derek Chauvin is in prison for a crime that didn't happen. Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyoand are dead. Donald Trump is being tried in a half dozen or so kangaroo courts with the intent of impoverishing him and putting him in prison on fabricated criminal charges. And I'm supposed to care about this? When some semblance of sanity and justice is restored maybe I will. Maybe. Reply Share
franksmith99 3 minutes ago Knew blue city. Diversity makes us weaker. Reply d31 9' Share
johnajax 3 minutes ago This is most likely one of Biden's and Mayorkas's illegal alien amigos. Reply • 1:(5 1 ciP Share
R rollingthunder74 4 minutes ago Another Obama/Biden dreamer Reply a 1 9 Share

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